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6 hours 17 min ago

New Cook Up Videos Coming Soon !

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Solo Music Group

8 hours 46 min ago

Producer/Engineer D. Sims stopped by the office to drop some knowledge on the community in a dope producergrind podcast episode. We talked to Sims about his early career and moving to Atl to pursue his dreams. We also talked about his recent work recording Young Thug for hours on end at LoudHouse recording studios Buckhead. D. Sims talked about what it took to learn how to become a good recording & mixing engineer including advice he learned from legendary engineer Alex Tumay. He talks about what a blessing being an audio engineer has been for him in the fact that it has put him in rooms with major artists that he was then able to play beats for. Lots of good gems in this dope producer interview.

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0:35 Wall Street Hippies
1:32 An introduction to D Sims
1:59 Returning from his work in Seattle
2:51 Producing since he was 13 using FL Studio
3:20 Posting beats on MySpace & trap remixes
3:56 First placement at age 15 was with the artist now known as Shad Da God & OJ Da Juiceman
4:20 Moved to ATL for college to be close to his artists - his mom moved with him
6:02 What is like as an engineer working at a major studio?
8:25 Engineers getting overworked
10:27 Engineers afraid to tell the artists "no"
11:59 Meeting Kanye West
12:25 Perfecting his craft by working with Strap Da Fool
13:01 The artist's opinion matters most
13:57 Stripper fell off the pole and @1djplugg remixed the video with the 808
14:28 Stripper culture in Atlanta and how records break in the gentlemans club
16:12 Catching the vibe of Atlanta music and taking time to understand the culture
16:51 How did D Sims get in tune to the current trap sound?
17:59 Recording Young Thug and learning from Alex Tumay
19:04 Thug's ability as an engineer on Pro Tools
19:28 The Young Thug & Lil Durk meme
20:49 Being an artist is a whole business
21:44 Turning studio L's into lessons
22:39 Too many mixing revisions - the client is always right
24:24 Being a self taught engineer
26:20 Using college as a networking tool
28:32 Keeping your mind open and be willing to do ANYthing
29:47 Don't be a d***head
30:09 Be nice regardless of how people treat you
30:25 Overrated/Underrated
-Stock plugins
-Interning at a studio
-Working with a major artist
-Mixing for online clients
36:25 Tulones brand out of Alabama
37:10 Being a tastemaker
38:31 Knowing the culture of Atlanta to become a contributing member of it
39:46 Artists using drugs heavy
42:54 Safety issues in the studios
44:39 Scott Storch overcoming drug addiction
45:18 How has engineering helped D Sims a a producer?
48:19 Being on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on VH1
49:53 Inviting other producers into his network
51:25 Working with Domani Harris - How Domani built his own sound
53:17 Stop making beats and start making music
55:19 The Umm Factor - The Greatest Caps of All Time
56:54 Invest in people who invest in you
58:09 Getting away from ATL for a break
1:00:55 Shouts out to @jonboiibeatz & the Louisiana sound
1:02:13 Drake culture hopping
1:03:02 DJ B Real played beats in Dallas and shut it down
1:05:09 Shouts out to @stjamestheproducer
1:06:09 D Sims sharing his knowledge on @producergrind platforms
1:08:13 What's next for D Sims in 2018
1:10:58 D Sims in the comments on all platforms
1:13:22 Dedicated to the game - The Kevin Hart book
1:16:28 Illmind & Gary Vee and changing your mindset to be positive
1:19:31 Producergrind in Baltimore
1:20:29 Being managed by @official_hills

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1 day 6 hours ago

Mike & Keys explain how they ended up producing Victory Lap for Nipsey Hustle in this exclusive interview

2 days 5 hours ago

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2 days 9 hours ago

Cicero (The Keys of 808 Mafia) talks about his favorite keys & chords for making melodic trap beats where autotune will be used. Cicero said he learned how to make melodies and play piano on his own by emulating his favorite songs. In todays age there are many piano tutorials for making melodic trap in fl studio or melodies in general.

Watch Full Cicero Interview:

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3 days 3 hours ago

Industry Rule #4080 ... As we examine last weeks article about Musician’s only getting 12% of the #musicindustry ’s 43 Billion in 2017, I wanted to help music producers and songwriters learn how to get their just do and do better business in 2018! S/O to my the homies @shaymlawson @steadystate @stelloclark and @now_den for a great talk!! #givingback #beatmakers #musicproducers #filmmaker #youtuber #securethevibe

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3 days 4 hours ago

Speakers: Teddy Riley, Andre Harrell, and Zack Greenburg

Fusing elements of smooth jazz, electronic funk, hip hop and R&B, hear from legendary producer, artist and hit-maker Teddy Riley and Founder of Uptown Records and Vice Chairman of REVOLT Media & TV Andre Harrell, as they share their journey behind this burgeoning genre, while uniting a generation under one groove.


About SXSW:
Started in 1987, South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences that take place early each year in mid-March in Austin, Texas. SXSW’s original goal was to create an event that would act as a tool for creative people and the companies they work with to develop their careers, to bring together people from a wide area to meet and share ideas. That continues to be the goal today whether it is music, film or interactive technologies.

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3 days 4 hours ago

Sonny Digital talks to us from Astro Studios in Atlanta, where he takes us through the importance of plugins in his production and in the rap music movement today. Taking us from the top tools in the market today, to the creation of his own custom plugin, we get a glimpse into how his production happens, watching Sonny work on a beat with his plugin in real time.

#MADEWITHBLADE is an exploration into the cutting-edge creativity of some of the most talented artists in the world. Come inside their studios and behind-the scenes as these artists share exclusive stories about how Razer Blade laptops are helping them push the envelope of music production, visual effects, digital illustration and 3D animation.

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Video Blog
3 days 4 hours ago

Part 2 of 3 in this tutorial series, mixing vocals with Waves plugins! In this video, we'll mix the R&B background vocals start to finish using only one instance of the StudioRack utility plugin (compatible with all DAWs).

If you missed Part 1, check out how we mixed the lead vocals and setup our vocal chain used in this lesson!

Song: Moses Stone - "Body" (Prod. by Strong Symphony)

►Mixing Presets & Templates:
*NEW* Divine Mixing Vocal Chains V2 (Waves):
*NEW* Divine Mixing Vocal Chains (Logic Pro X & Cubase):
Divine Mixing Waves Template (Logic Pro, Cubase & Pro Tools):
*UPDATED* Divine Mixing Template One (Logic Pro X 10.4, Cubase & Pro Tools):

►Video Training Courses:
Divine Beat Mixing (Mixing & Mastering Course):
Divine Mixing Session 1 (Mixing & Mastering Course):
Divine Mixing Session 2 (Mixing & Mastering Video Course):
Hip Hop Vocal Production ( Course):

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Urban Dreamscapes for Serum -

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