When Atlanta-based Pi’erre Bourne dropped by MASS APPEAL, it was a sort of homecoming. Originally from South Carolina, the 23-year-old producer and artist spent his summers in Southside Jamaica, Queens, near 50 Cent’s old stomping grounds. One summer, he discovered Fruity Loops, the infamous beat making software known as the weapon of choice behind hits for artists ranging from JAY-Z to Drake. At the time, Pi’erre thought the software was just a video game, and his curiosity earned him a new computer to return home with. Fast forward a few years and Pi’erre is the man responsible for one of 2017’s best rap songs, “Magnolia.”

Pi’erre Bourne’s hustle is what led to his success today. Before landing six tracks on Playboi Carti’s self-titled mixtape, Pi’erre was already an engineer for Epic Records and working as a producer on the Atlanta scene. He attributes his choice of residence to not wanting to rely on family.

Now when Pi’erre isn’t working on his own music he’s collaborating with The Weeknd, MetroBoomin’, 808 Mafia, Lil’ Uzi, and of course Playboi Carti. Check out our Open Space interview up top.

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I'm back with a quick tutorial on how to make dance hall or Afro beat in FL Studio like DJ Snake(or Wiz Kid etc.). I also cover a quick history of the 2 genres along with some funny commentary.

Here's the wikipedia links for those love to argue in the comment section

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other dope modern dance hall and afro beat song
French Montana ft. Sway Lee- Unforgettable

WizKid- Come Closer ft. Drake

Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ)

Need presets or drums for afro beats/dance hall? we got you covered

88 Party Forever or New Wave Order drum kit

Traptendo 88 drum pack

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Celebrate 25 years of audio innovation – discover specials on all Waves plugins + classic plugins with new features and new design: https://www.waves.com/specials

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Atlanta based music producer and entrepreneur Kato sits down with BeatStars for an exclusive interview discussing his journey in music and what he did to become a successful online businessman.

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Hear Kato's music:

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Oliver takes us through his latest composition using the Hans Zimmer Percussion library.

The Full Trailer - https://youtu.be/uXMP3q_E7Dw

More Info - https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-...

Walkthrough - https://youtu.be/zaXhe-v8xL4

How it works - https://youtu.be/ZO1xC68KIyY

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Check out this new tutorial about using the legendary synth powerhouse Syntronik's arsenal of high-quality effects.

When it comes to high-quality effects, IK's expertise is simply indisputable. Syntronik comes with 38 mind-blowing effects which are derived from our best-selling T-RackS mix and mastering suite and AmpliTube guitar workstation. We have also designed some new ones like the famous Ensemble Chorus, for a total number of effects that you won’t find in any other vintage synth collection of its kind. 5 effects can be simultaneously inserted on every instrument via a new attractive “lunchbox-style” interface that allows for an immediate visualization and editing of every parameter from within a single, convenient interface. The sheer number of effects and their world-class quality provide a degree of sound manipulation that is unmatched.

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There is no "perfect time" to take a leap of faith and follow your passion. You can go out of your way to try and set that up for yourself, but you'll find that it's just not the right approach, especially in the world of music creation. Never let anyone stop you + don't wait around for people + take initiative to LEARN the things you need to do to accomplish your goals + always remember to "cut the fat". The people you surround yourself with should inspire you.


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Take and apply this same knowledge to your workflow and improve your ability to make beats.

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A quick video about a free fully functional version of Izotope's Imager VST. I provide a download link and a quick demo of how to use it. This plugin is great for checking your mono to stereo compatibility. Which plays a huge role in telling you if your mix will sound good on mobile devices and traditional listening environments.

download it here and please give me a shout out via social media

how to enter their contest

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Divine Mixing Template One (Logic Pro, Cubase & Pro Tools): http://bit.ly/template-one
Divine Mixing Session 2 (R&B Mixing & Mastering Course): http://bit.ly/divinemixing2
Divine Mixing Session 1 (Hip Hop Mixing & Mastering Course): http://bit.ly/divinemixing

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BGM - Sean Divine feat. Ami Kim: https://divinetracks.com/downloads/un...

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