Selling or leasing beats online is something I love doing, but sometimes it can go VERY wrong. I had a copyright claim nightmare when a singer I collaborated with decided to go Hollywood. Dame tells his VladTV story and goes in on bad managers.

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Hit-Boy talks to Ebro about producing the latest album from Nas, 'King's Disease.' Hit-Boy shares his legendary discography as a producer working with Drake, Beyoncé, Benny The Butcher, Big Sean, and more. He also shares his most difficult tracks to produce and ongoing history with Kanye West. Listen to Hit-Boy on Apple Music:

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This is my how I carry my everyday essentials in these quarantines times

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How to make better 808's in Logic Pro X Tutorial (Works for Ableton Live and FL Studio)

In this week's breakdown, I talk about making your 808's knock and thump! I use distortion, vari fi effects, pitch correction and more to make sure you are getting all the hard hitting 808's that you need. I use My Best Friend Jacob's new vst Octave to start the track (crazy vst)

This tutorial is based in Logic Pro X 10.5 but the principles work for all DAW's.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if I missed anything. Thanks for checking out

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Learning how to build a fan base from zero and understanding how to properly promote your music is a must if you ever want any success with your music, but that's just the starting point. Growing a music brand by "hope" marketing your music is impossible without first developing daily habits and a powerful routine that will allow you to reach those achievements. Lack of focus and clarity leads to low confidence and without confidence and clarity we feel completely lost and even worse...stuck with no real idea of how to find change. The 20DAYSOFFOCUS Challenge has changed so many lives, and now, as we enter the final months of an unpredictable year, we need the challenge again more than ever before. This video is special to me because I know that anyone who makes the decision to go all in on it will see an incredible transformation in their life and will discover a heightened sense of focus and confidence in their pursuit of having a career in music. Let's do this #20DAYSOFFOCUS Challenge together, close out 2020 on a high note, and show the world what we can do in 20 days!


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On today's stream we are interviewing 25 year old Reggaeton & Hip-Hop producer Mando Fresh. He is a 3X PLATINUM Mexican-American producer with credits including; Anuel AA, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne & more. We will be talking about Mando's come up story from New Jersey, his placement with Cardiak, Anuel, and more, music business tips, how to make reggaeton trap beats, and the Latin music business.

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00:00 Intro
02:52 Episode Overview: Mando Fresh: reggaeton and hip hop producer
05:25 Announcements: Beat Battle, ProducerGrind Discord
09:24 Mando joins the stream
13:04 Mando’s come up story: Always having a love for music, growing up surrounded by Latin music
15:56 Biggest markets for Latin music
17:03 How Mando discovered FL Studio
18:55 The moment Mando decided to commit to producing beats as a career
20:09 Mando’s piano class experience
21:09 How Mando linked up with Cardiak, Mando’s definition of having weird beats, opinion of producers having a lane for beats, what it felt like signing with Cardiak
26:11 What it was like working with Cardiak when Mando first got signed
27:00 How long it took to get a placement with Cardiak
28:01 Mando’s intentions when he was paying for beat reviews from established producers
29:48 Mando’s experience for selling beats online and what percentage of his business is that
32:11 What shifted Mando’s mindset to be open to selling beats online
36:47 Mando’s experience with going with the flow instead of looking for life changing moments
41:06 How Mando got into making reggaeton beats
43:06 How Mando’s placement with Anuel came about
48:00 When publishing companies started reaching out to Mando
49:06 Proper way in Mando’s opinion to waiting before signing a publishing deal
50:10 Mando’s advice to handling the business within the music business
55:40 Differences and similarities in the Latin and American music industry
57:03 Reggaeton bounce
57:55 Mando’s advice on where to get the best reggaeton kits and packs
59:37 How Mando appeals to different cultures globally
01:01:57 Sounds that dominate reggaeton beats
01:03:17 What happened to the group Heartfelt Music
01:04:04 What’s in the future for Mando
01:05:18 Moments where Mando was feeling burnt out from music
01:07:44: Q&A with Clint: How to make a project when you are in multiple genres and how to find vocalists for your beats
01:11:21 Difference between making a trap beat vs reggaeton beat
01:12:19 Q&A with Gcluez: Difference between reggaeton and dembow, elements for reggaeton
01:15:31 Q&A with Nick C: Playing live music as a producer
01:16:50 Q&A with Junior H: Mando’s favorite drum kit for reggaeton music, tiny drum kit
01:17:15 Q&A with Pierre: What to focus on when you’re a new producer, how many beats to make a day
01:20:42 Q&A with Carlos: How Mando attracts more artists to work with him
01:22:38 Q&A with Santos: How to get in contact with big artists, platform to send beats, best way to send Mando loops
01:28:47 Mando’s advice to leave everyone with
01:31:19 Outro

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Beat King: Drake Is The Unofficial A&R Of Hip Hop, He Was On "Then Leave" Back In April

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Showing y'all my process of how I make vintage guitar samples in FL Studio

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Click here to download the cheat sheet:
Click here to learn more about these common EQ mistakes:

1. Overusing Sweep EQ
I realize that as a beginner you are encouraged by everyone to use sweep EQs, but they are not always beneficial for your mix. I actually can’t remember the last time I used a sweep EQ! If I take any EQ band and boost it to 5, 10, 15, 20 dB, no matter how narrow it is, I don’t have to move something very far before it is completely and utterly obnoxious. If you are sweeping to find bad things, you will always find bad things. After applying that sweep EQ, the track will likely sound flat and lifeless.

Instead, trust yourself and your ears! When you hear something horrible, that is when you look for where it is and fix it. If you are not hearing anything offensive, don’t go looking for things that are offensive. Trust yourself and make decisions based on what you hear.

2. Not Using High and Low Passing
Any tracks you mix are going to have buildup in certain frequencies, and in that low end – from about 20 to 200 Hertz – it can be an absolute mess. This is where you go in and start getting creative! If you are listening to an instrument and you are not hearing a reason for it to have excessive low end or excessive high end, get rid of it and you will create some real clarity. There is a lot of confusion about this, but high passing and low passing and gentle EQ moves are very useful, and are such powerful tools when it comes to shaping your low and high end.

3. Applying EQ to Solve Problems That Aren’t Persistent in the Mix
If we EQ to fix problems that are only present in certain areas, the part can start to sound really narrow and thin. For example, on a chord, it might seem like good idea to take out certain frequencies, but if the same guitar player plays an arpeggio immediately after that and concentrates on high strings, suddenly all the low end or low mids that were reinforcing that beautiful high line are taken away. In cases like this, you have to be selective of where you apply the EQ, and don’t be afraid to automate so that the EQ is applied only where it is truly needed!

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