Today I am interviewing AngelLaCiencia Beats the Youtube producer with over 300K subscribers! AngelLaCiencia gives the best beat selling advice EVER!!! Pay close attention to these Youtube producer gems when it comes to uploading beats, consistency, thumbnails, video titles, length of video, trending tags, ranking keywords, playlists, frequency and focus.

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00:00 Intro
01:33 Episode Overview
03:30 AngelLaCiencia platforms: Instagram and Youtube
11:25 AngelLaCiencia joins the stream
12:38 AngelLaCiencia shares his come up story: From Cuba, making music for over 10 years, starting to make beats at 14, starting off as a rapper, finding out about FL Studio on a school computer, being born with an understanding of rhythm, growing up on reggae and Latin music, computer teacher letting him practice after school, sister buying computer and having to ask around to see who has FL Studio, having to ask around to get new sounds, engineering for his friends and town, working with big artists in in his country
32:20 Coming to America in 2013, first thing he did was making a Youtube channel, working 15 to 16 hours a day 6 days a week at a warehouse, selling beats on Facebook, finding out about CashmoneyAP and Taz Taylor
41:54 Focusing on learning the bounce in hip hop beats when he first started making trap beats, quitting job before making any beat sales, going from 1k to 20K subs for reggaeton beats, taking 1 year to make $3,000 per month consistently, what made him find success early on, being all over the place with beats posted, channel getting demonetized
51:40 Spending $5,000 on Google Adwords and it not working out, getting his channel monetized again after 3 months
54:41 What people need to learn about Youtube: Thumbnails, title, size of the video
01:05:15 Advice for Tags: Combining trending tags with established tags in your titles
01:10:55 ProducerGrind Youtube Templates
01:12:20 Using keywords that never die in your tags
01:17:18 Gems for description: Avoiding distractions by putting too many links, what free should really mean as a producer on Youtube
01:24:03 How to rank on Youtube: The importance of playlists, consistency on targeting one keyword
01:28:52 Q&A with Hades: How much time should you invest on the quality of your artwork, lowering your upload frequency, simplifying your beats for artists
01:51:47 Outro: Best advice from Angel

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Here’s my setup for how I’ve been using my iOS Devices for music production in 2020! I’m hoping a find the perfect solution for my workflow soon NEW VIDEO UP .. LINK IN BIO .. #iosmusicproduction #givingback #musicproducer #musictech # #contentcreator #filmmaker #youtuber #ios #lumafusion #securethevibe

Table of Contents:
Intro: 0:00
The iOS Music Production Journey: 0:29
GarageBand Workflow: 2:35
Audiobus x AUM Workflow: 7:54
My main objective: 14:01
Outro: 16:22

Apps Mentioned:
Beatmaker 2:
Koala Sampler:
AudioBus 3:
Blocs Wave:
MiniMoog Model D:


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How To Make BEATS That ARTISTS ACTUALLY Want To RAP On ! (FL Studio Tutorial / Tips & Tricks 2020)

THE not so SECRET TO GODLY 808 BOUNCE KiNdA | (FL Studio 808 Tips & Tricks)

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0:00 Shout outs & chat talk
41:11 making an old school hip hop sample beat
1:33:31 finishing up the beat
1:45:55 mpc beats software tips & best places for samples
1:56:16 making a UK Drill beat
2:37:10 figuring out how to do sliding 808's??
2:52:49 transferring beats & playing old beats
3:11:06 testing out stuff done in MPC Beats in standalone MPC Live II
3:16:25 gear talk with chat & what makes the MPC special imo

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Today I am interviewing DrumGod the 17 year old music producer signed to BreadGang aka the label owned by MoneyBagg Yo. We will be discussing his come up and how he started getting placements at the young age of 15.

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00:00 Intro
01:20 Episode overview
05:06 DrumGod joins the stream
06:16 DrumGod shares his come up story: Coming from a stable household, his father making music before him and taking him to the studio as a kid, getting good at making beats at 13, working with Jose Guapo, Skippa da Flippa, what it was like being in the studio with famous artists, meeting Zaytoven and collaborating with him
11:54 What DrumGod was doing when he first started coming to Atlanta, working with YG, how he connected with Moneybagg Yo
14:04 How Moneybagg Yo signed him
14:40 What life was like before signing to Moneybagg Yo
15:48 What the day to day life is like being around Moneybagg Yo
18:22 How placements with J. Cole came about
20:03 How placements with Future came about
21:19 What the process for collaborating with other producers looks like for DrumGod
22:41 DrumGod’s opinion on people saying you’re not a real producer if you use loops
24:36 DrumGod’s favorite kits
25:21 DrumGod on starting a Youtube tutorial channel
29:21 What 2019 was like after signing with Moneybagg Yo
31:51 What 2020 has been like for DrumGod
33:33 Getting a shoutout from Moneybagg Yo on The Sway show
35:00 DrumGod getting brought up on stage by Moneybagg Yo
36:37 What it’s like for DrumGod being recognized in Cleveland
37:50 What kind of loops inspire DrumGod
39:09 Where DrumGod likes to travel the most
39:47 Being managed by an Interscope A&R
41:40 DrumGod’s opinion on what makes LA special
44:10 Q&A with DX Beats: What is exclusively DrumGod
48:45 Q&A with El Segundo: How to be cool and vibe with new artists you’re meeting
54:01 Q&A with anonymous producer: How to get better at making beats as fast as you can
58:31 Q&A with Madness beats: How much time does DrumGod spend on mixing beats
01:01:21 Q&A with James: Obstacle DrumGod faced and how he overcame it
01:06:55 DrumGod on speaking things into existence
01:07:45 Q&A with Gemdrop: Gems DrumGod has picked up from other producers in the industry
01:11:30 Best piece of advice from DrumGod
01:15:36 Outro

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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek doesn't want artists to get paid and he said so in a recent interview. At least that's what our music community has been saying based on a few statements that were recently made in an interview with Music Ally. In this video I discuss my opinions on the state of streaming and what needs to be done to rise up as a community.

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