Email response rates can make or break a business, yet most only worry about their email open rates and click through. When you're learning how to marketing you music it's definitely important to learn email marketing, but one thing a lot of people overlook is messenger marketing. This is when you're building relationships and spreading the word about your music through the messenger feature on the social media platforms of your choosing. You're wasting your time with sending out messages if no one is opening them, let alone responding to you. In this video I share one simple strategy that will increase your success rate when sending emails and messages on social media.

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Platinum selling hip hop producer LilJuMadeDaBeat is best known for his work on Megan Thee Stallion's smash hits "Cash Shit" and "Big Ole Freak," so you know we had to give this Houston resident a Mystery Pack with a little Texas vibe. Ju wastes no time flipping these stock sounds into some straight heat.

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Mystery Pack is a show where we give producers a simple challenge — take a sample pack comprised of ten random, unknown sounds and make a dope beat. The only rule is you have to use all ten sounds, the rest is up to the producer and their creative flow.


Welcome to Red Bull Remix Lab, where music’s top producers demystify the production process with live remix sessions, instructional series and more. From the ins and outs of today’s popular production software to firsthand knowledge about how to make it in the music game, Remix Lab brings you inside the studio to soak up knowledge from the game’s best.

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T2 came to talk about passive income in music production, Setting up a cash flow statement in the music business, investing in real estate income property & much more. This is a one of a kind producergrind interview.

T2 is a legendary house music producer who, after learning how to produce like a pro in logic pro X & reason, blew up in the UK underground scene with hit song "Heartbroken." He learned a lot of lessons along the way after leveraging his intellectual property through signing a music publishing deal, etc.

One of our favorite points of this podcast is how he set up guaranteed cash flow by taking his money earned in music and investing in real estate & income property. He created a system which sustains his lifestyle so he can focus on making beats without having to worry about making money.

2:30 Being Self Aware At A Young Age Led To Producing

5:43 Coming Up On Grime and House Music
- Leaving the Streets Through Music

9:03 Tagging Beats Helped Me Blow Up

11:03 Learning Originality and Mixing & Mastering From an Engineer

13:35 Desperation Is Ruining Producers Creativity
- Collabing Teaches Originality

17:42 Troubles With The Law Led To T2 Making A UK House Hit
- Getting Radio Play As An Independent Artist

22:36 Labels Were Calling and I Wasn't Ready

29:15 There's A Dark Side To Being An Independent Artist
- What Responsibilities Are You Willing To Take On?
- Publishing, Sync Deals (Big Gems)

38:19 Watch Out For This From Music Publishing Companies

42:30 How Much $ Is Generated From 1,000,000 Streams on Spotify and Apple Music?

45:57 Music Publishing Made Easy To Understand

55:17 The Fake Side Of The Industry Is Tough To Deal With

1:00:02 REAL ESTATE INVESTING (Grant Cardone Gang)
- Cash Is A Liability.... Cash Flow is More Important
- Pack-A-Punch Your Money!!!

1:07:37 You Don't Get What You Want, You Get What You Negotiate

1:10:02 First Time In America
- Going To Zone 6 Atlanta

1:15:38 What a Music Producer Can Do With $2,000 - $10,000 To Generate Passive Income
- Best Rolex To Invest In

1:21:00 Drake And DJ Khaled Sampled My Track

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Special Guest

Directed by


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Juice WRLD’s “Bandit” featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 with 77 million YouTube views to date. It is produced by 'Deconstructed' veteran Nick Mira. Genius recently sat down with the Virginia producer to break down how the song was made.

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in this video, I make a beat in 7 minutes with no cuts or edits of any sort. lmk if you guys like these kind of videos where its not edited.

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This Coach K QC Interview taught me a lot about the music business and marketing music production careers. These 5 concepts are deeper than social media marketing & digital marketing. It's even deeper than fl studio tips and making beats in ableton, logic pro x etc. All those things are great to learn from the Producergrind Podcast as well as music producer interviews with guys like Kbeazy, Kyle Beats, CashMoneyAP & Kyle Stemberger.

When I went to this Coach K Interview at Red Bull Music Festival in Atlanta. I wanted to adopt things from his entrepreneur mindset and tactics he used to make millions in the music production business with artists like Migos, Lil Yachty etc.

This video has clips from the Coach K interview as well as clips of me (CEODylan) breaking down and explaining the thoughts that ran through my head and how his genius advice can be used as an entrepreneur in a music production career.


The Greatest Sample Pack & Sound Kit Store of All Time

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SAMPLING The Weeknd "HEARTLESS" into a different BEAT | (FL Studio Sampling Tips & Tricks)



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Revisiting an essential mixing secret for automating echoes and delay effects precisely on specific words / phrases to keep your vocal mixes interesting!

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