A video about how to get your MPC ONE to sound lofi like the MPC 3000, MPC 60, and the SP 1200. It's an option and effect called "Vintage Mode". It's works on separate tracks or you can switch it on in your preferences. Do you hear a difference? Please leave a comment below!

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Our guy Stlndrms lays down a fresh beat in his home studio in Atlanta. Using his brand new Serato Studio sound pack, he explains his use of the SP303, SP404, and what his major keys are for creating great beats.

The STLNDRMS Soundpack is free for all Serato Studio Customers

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studio/

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Labels are reporting that they're paying higher advances and royalties to artists. Is this actually true? Also, thinking about paying to perform live? Dame has some advice for you in this week's episode of the MEC Podcast.

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Kino Beats is an international producer and DJ who has worked with the likes of A$ap Rocky, Pharrell, Mal and Lil Quill, Jeezy, Lex Luger, and OG Maco. In a recent interview on The Progress Report Podcast, Kino talks about his transition from producer to DJ, building a relationship with Sonny Digital, and traveling and partying internationally.

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Drumma Boy talks about how he produced "Standing Ovation" for Jeezy's Thug Motivation Album.

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Learn more about Reason: https://www.reasonstudios.com/en/reason

Beat making and Reason go hand in hand! And today, we are thrilled to announce Beat Map, a brand new Player that will change the way you approach drums. We sat down with Grammy-nominated producers Mike & Keys to talk about Beat Map and here’s what they had to say.

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Hip hop mixer Sean Divine runs his rap vocals through some of Grammy-winning mixer Greg Wells’ (Adele) signature plugins, ToneCentric and VoiceCentric, delivering next-level tone, color and vibe. Try them in your mix: https://www.waves.com/gregwells

Music: Sean Divine - "Deepmind" (produced and mixed by Sean Divine)

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Use this link to get 60% off Unison's MIDI Pack ➨ http://go.unison.audio/cxdy

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•‌Treesoundrecords ➨ https://www.treesoundrecords.com/

•Email ➨ Crounds9@gmail.com
•‌Treesoundrecords ➨ https://www.treesoundrecords.com/

•Email ➨ Crounds9@gmail.com

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The Renegade Challenge is the first beat to go viral on TikTok-- Can other producers go viral on TikTok as well? Renegade says "absolutely," in this exclusive interview. Learn how an unfinished beat became TikTok's biggest viral dance.

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