Getting started in the music industry can be intimidating. Especially when we've been lied to for years about how to start a music career. The music industry wants to keep the creators as uneducated as possible especially when it comes to marketing so that they can sell us the dream, keep our earnings, and leave us in the dark with how they do it. I had a depressing wake up call when I was first getting started over ten years ago and since then I've positioned myself to be in control of my opportunities, earnings, and happiness. I needed to make this video to address some myths and to show you what can be possible in your life with music. Enjoy!

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Jermaine Dupri stepped up to Ebro in the Morning to tell some great stories in hip hop and music overall. He addressed a time he could've signed Outkast, Mase & Jim Jones sleeping at his house during the Harlem World days, Atlanta's dominance in hip hop, being influential in T-Boz's raspy singing style, Kriss Kross and more.

He also jumped into the conversation about short men and dating as the Bagel Boss angry man goes viral.

Before leaving, he also told a CRAZY Elton John story I bet you haven't heard before!

The WEtv documentary, 'Power Influence & Hip Hop: The Rise of So So Def' is set to premiere July 18.


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In late June, Lil Nas X dropped “Panini,” the follow-up single to his monster hit, “Old Town Road.” Produced by Take A Daytrip and Dot Da Genius, the track became Lil Nas X’s second-biggest hit to date, debuting at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. Take A Daytrip’s David Biral and Denzel Baptiste sat down with Genius to break down how the song was made.

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DamnBrandonT interview aka Brandon Thomas on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with DamnBrandon to talk about what he has been doing since his breakout hit with OG Maco "U Guessed It" which includes working with artists like Kanye West, Madonna, A$AP Rocky & more. He told us why he never officially signed to OGG, QC or any label and remains independent to this day

Sound Kits:

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0:24 Why is DamnBrandon so lit on Instagram?
3:14 Evolving with the Atlanta sound
6:20 Brandon links with hustlers for financial support
8:17 Getting paid $20K per beat
10:10 Building a fan base from Parties!!
11:27 How we became successful and remained independent
12:47 Who's in OGG?
15:00 Working with Key! and OG Maco through the beef
17:20 Going from buzzing in Atlanta to meeting Madonna and Kanye
19:30 Brandon gets assaulted by a school cop!!
25:36 Create a family/fraternity around a vision
26:00 Dealing with flaky artists
30:11 What does a universal shift feel like?
33:52 OG Maco slapped Brandon over U Guessed It record???
37:56 Brandon tells Kanye hes not going to send him beats
45:19 Traveling helped Brandon become more confident in his music
48:46 You have to do what you want to do
49:20 Becoming more of a music director
50:33 Pro's and Con's of being Independent
51:50 Don't try to remake a song that made you big
54:00 Independent producers NEED to hear this!!
55:10 Advice from Quincy Jones
1:01:53 This music industry is just like High School
1:07:56 Claim producer credits with artists if song has never released??
1:14:17 Is Soundcloud bigger than Youtube?
1:16:00 Soulja Boy is the G.O.A.T of capturing attention

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Hosted By

Special Guest

Directed by


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"Making a Beat” series is all about the process. I will strictly be making beats in this series and display them as cinematic as possible. Fan favorite for all the die hard producers who follow me. I will be making hip hop beats, rap beats, trap beats, edm beats, and many more throughout these episodes. So enjoy and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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8-BIT art

Cookin Soul's Lo-Bap Life Vol. 2 Drum Kit is perfect for Lo-fi Hip Hop and Boom Bap style beats. Lo-Bap Life is full of neck snappin snares, huge kicks, live bass notes, exclusive breaks & loops, dirty vocal chants and skits.. and a special folder with SP404 Lofi processed sounds - spacey rhodes chords, stabs and ill horn hits 90s style....

This Collection of 420 "golden era" style sounds from Cookin Soul's personal stash is everything you will need to create that 90's east coast vibe that the Spanish producer is most recognized for. (17 808 and Bass Sounds, 25 Breaks & Loops, 10 Exclusive Drum Breaks*, 45 Kicks, 55 Snares & Claps, 45 Hihats & Perc Sounds, 70 Vox, 100 LOFI Folder with chops, chords, horns, stabs, & fx)

*LO-BAP Life Vol. 2 includes 10 original breaks by up and coming drummer Orestes Gomez (from Mexico)

All samples are processed through vintage hardware including: Roland SP-404, SP-303 and Akai MPC60.

All sounds are .wav format compatible with any Daw (FL Studio, Maschine, Ableton, MPC Live...)

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cookin soul making beatslofi boombap drum kit lo-bap life vol. 2
cookin soul making beats lofi boombap drum kit serato studio
cookin soul making beatslofi boombap drum kit lo-bap life vol. 2


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Man what an amazing experience! I visited Vancouver, CA and locked into a studio space with 30+ up-coming music producers. Our conversations were endless. We discovered the power of literally "saying our goals out loud" and the importance of being VERY clear about stating our specific goals. Having a vision is one of the keys to reaching success. So instead of saying "I want to be a successful Grammy winning music producer", you can be specific and say "I want to have 3 major label placements in the next 3 years with Drake, Kendrick and Beyonce + a Grammy nomination + a publishing deal worth $500k + generating an average of at least $5k in monthly residual income". From my experience, having specific goals and visions is a major key! Also, what happens when you deal with "shitty" rappers who do bad business and don't want to pay? Well, it's simple. You don't deal with them and move on + find rappers who DO GOOD BUSINESS! They're out there, you just need to find them. The lesson here is to be mindful of what you put your energy into and to commit your focus to seeing the POSITIVE pathway to your goals instead of focusing on the negative.

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Illmind is a Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum music producer, having produced records for Kanye West, Drake, J Cole, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Hamilton on Broadway + music for film/tv including Disney & more. He is also a pioneer in the "producer drum-kit" marketplace with his popular drum kit series "BLAP-KITS".

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Before his memorable producer tag laced multi-platinum hits, Mustard built his brand producing catchy club bangers for West Coast artists like YG, Ty Dolla $ign, and Tyga. For the latest episode of 'The Cosign,' Genius recruited the producer-turned-label exec to share his expertise and review music from today’s rising West Coast artists.

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