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ade this beat on the spot in about 15 minutes, nothing crazy but hope you guys enjoy! Will have more videos soon so remember to subscribe and comment.


Stark Music Group.

6 years 27 weeks ago

What's up guys?!

Sorry I haven't uploaded a video in so long, I've been super busy with a bunch of stuff! However, I AM planning on uploading videos regularly again from now on, and I've got a lot of exciting things coming so up make sure you stay tuned!

This ones heavily inspired by one of my all-time favorite producers - Ryan Leslie. You can hear the influence he had on this track, and I really like it so I hope you guys enjoy too!

6 years 27 weeks ago

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Stuart B Productions - Creates a crazy hip hop southern beat! T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne would KILL this.

Industry Quality Sound.

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6 years 27 weeks ago

What's up guys!

Was inspired by watching Ryan Leslie videos and decided to make this.


Stuart B Productions, Australia, Melbourne

6 years 27 weeks ago

Sorry for the delay on videos! My camera cord/tripod has been lost but I finally recovered it from the depths of my closet.

Anyways this ones different to my other videos, in the sense that I basically just turned on the camera while I was making a beat, and cut out the boring parts. The camera compressed the sound in some parts so it may be hard to hear some of what i'm playing.

Hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to ask any questions etc

6 years 27 weeks ago

Store - Non Exclusive Purchase $25:

What's up guys? Haven't put up a beat making video in a while so decided to do one today, this time with a 'west coast' hip hop beat. Also didn't have my lovely girlfriend with me today to help me change the camera angles and whatnot so you guys are stuck with one boring angle :P Musics still good tho!

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- Stuart B Productions

Store - Non Exclusive Purchase $25:

6 years 27 weeks ago

Me, Stuart B Productions from Australia making a smooth rnb beat. Hope you guys enjoy it! I made this during one of my ustreams, which i've decided to start doing on a regular basis. You can watch me sometimes at - Where I make live beats and answer questions, etc.

6 years 27 weeks ago

Stuart B Productions, producing another beat. Beat making. This one's kinda rnb/hip hop depending on how the artist uses it. Remember i'm still taking questions for the upcoming FAQ video so keep sending them through!

Also, featuring unbiased testimonial on my awesomeness at the end.

6 years 27 weeks ago

Stuart B producing an rnb piano ballad beat! Beat-making production. If you guys have any questions be sure to comment or PM me and i'll try to answer it in my next FAQ video! Thanks for watching, peace!
p.s sorry for those who commented/liked the previous upload I had to re-up because youtube cut off the last minute, and I also wanted to upload a better quality version.

6 years 27 weeks ago

Took me about 15 minutes to do this beat. Pretty basic but sounds good enough :). Mysto and Pizzi style beat making video. Sorry bout the quality, recorded this on a laptop webcam, but i'm getting a camcorder in a week or so (depends when it arrives) so after that i'll have HD quality vids for you mofos!

6 years 27 weeks ago


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