Brandon Thomas Talks Why He NEVER Signed a Deal, Traveling Helps You Make Better Beats + More

DamnBrandonT interview aka Brandon Thomas on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with DamnBrandon to talk about what he has been doing since his breakout hit with OG Maco "U Guessed It" which includes working with artists like Kanye West, Madonna, A$AP Rocky & more. He told us why he never officially signed to OGG, QC or any label and remains independent to this day

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0:24 Why is DamnBrandon so lit on Instagram?
3:14 Evolving with the Atlanta sound
6:20 Brandon links with hustlers for financial support
8:17 Getting paid $20K per beat
10:10 Building a fan base from Parties!!
11:27 How we became successful and remained independent
12:47 Who's in OGG?
15:00 Working with Key! and OG Maco through the beef
17:20 Going from buzzing in Atlanta to meeting Madonna and Kanye
19:30 Brandon gets assaulted by a school cop!!
25:36 Create a family/fraternity around a vision
26:00 Dealing with flaky artists
30:11 What does a universal shift feel like?
33:52 OG Maco slapped Brandon over U Guessed It record???
37:56 Brandon tells Kanye hes not going to send him beats
45:19 Traveling helped Brandon become more confident in his music
48:46 You have to do what you want to do
49:20 Becoming more of a music director
50:33 Pro's and Con's of being Independent
51:50 Don't try to remake a song that made you big
54:00 Independent producers NEED to hear this!!
55:10 Advice from Quincy Jones
1:01:53 This music industry is just like High School
1:07:56 Claim producer credits with artists if song has never released??
1:14:17 Is Soundcloud bigger than Youtube?
1:16:00 Soulja Boy is the G.O.A.T of capturing attention

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