Charlie Rocket Talks Law of Attraction In the Music Business, Getting Placements Strategy + More

Charlie Rocket Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We had former music mogul Charlie Jabaley aka CEO Charlie pull up to drop some SERIOUS GEMS on the law of attraction, manifesting in the music industry, strategies on how to get placements & more.

There are 2 sections to this Producergrind interview. The first one is all about strategies and practical tactics that music producers can start using ASAP to build relationships and get placements. The second section is all about how real the law of attraction is and how you can manifest wealth and abundance in your life. Charlie told us some crazy stories on how he manifested things very fast in his life including a major endorsement deal from Nike.

This is by far one of our favorite episodes and it is the perfect thanksgiving gift to our audience and supporters. Grab your pen and write down some notes while you watch this one frfr.

1:08 WARNING!! GEM ALERTS BEGINNING NOW (Plus Yamaha HS7 Giveaway)

5:44 Charlie Rocket Come Up Story In the Music Industry in Atlanta

18:20 Producers make the hits (Baby )

21:20 Music Production Advice: Study The Tempos of What's HOT

22:13 Strategy For Blowing Up and Getting Placements as a Producer (Little Brother Theory )

32:30 How to Study The Music Business and Do Market Research as a Music Producer

40:12 Is Your Hustle on the Same Level As Mike Will Made It

43:17 Sending Artists Free Type Beats is the Key????

48:45 That sounds good and all but what about getting paid as a music producer??

53:20 The Biggest Placement Secrets You're Not Supposed To Know

59:58 Run The Same Play For A Year And The Magic Rule of 62

1:11:47 Balancing Strategy and Faith/Heart (Manifestation and Law of Attraction)
- Becoming a Nike Athlete
- Commercial with Lebron James and Serena Williams
- Craziest Story
- Manifesting Working with Oprah In 15 Minutes

1:27:27 How to Build Abundance Mindset and Manifest Your Gift

1:33:34 YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (Vegan Life)

1:37:08 Deleting Social Media For A Year (The Grass Will Grow Where You Water It)

1:40:40 Drake Pool Party Story (Powerful Lesson on Staying Focused )

1:53:10 Whats Does Charlie Rocket's Future Looking Like?

2:00:00 1 Easy Step To Create Vision For Yourself

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