DJ Flippp Talks Hustling To Make Money, Producer Cheat Codes & More

DJ Flippp Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We pulled up to the new 808 Kartel Studio in Burbank CA to sit down and talk to DJ FLippp about his come up and growing up in Palmdale CA and how he bacame a producer and started making beats. He talked about how having a hustler mentality has allowed him to make money in the music industry from the beginning of his journey. selling beats online to now owning a recording studio and working with industry artists. We got him to give his best producer advice and talk about how to mix beats a little at the end.

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00:40 New 808 Kartel Studio
01:30 Benefits of Owning a Studio/Selling More Beats
02:57 Growing up in Palmdale, CA
03:40 Being 13 DJing in clubs & House Parties
05:14 What He Did after Dropping Out of High School
06:40 Bringing Hustler Mentality to His Music Career
07:30 Meeting BigHead On The Beat & Started Selling Beats
09:17 Selling Beats Back Then Vs Now
10:30 Struggling With Being Consistent
11:18 DJ Flippp Best Advice For Selling Beats Online
13:30 Balancing Producing With Jobs & Side Hustles
14:14 What Do You Do To Progress Your Career Still?
16:10 How Collabing With Other Producers Is a Cheat Code!!!
18:40 How Producers Take Advantage of Other Producers
22:05 DJ Flippp Thoughts on Engineering
23:14 Doing Everything Including Shooting Videos
24:40 DJ Flippp Album Compilation Project
26:40 Working With Famous Dex
28:30 Boosie Buying Beats Cash From DJ Flippp
32:07 Playing Melodies vs Clicking in Notes in Piano Roll
34:45 Best & Worst Parts of Music Business
36:06 How DJ Flippp Deals With Depression
41:15 DJ Flippp Mixing Advice

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