Making $2000 First Month Selling Beats, Customer Retention & Work vs Luck | CEO Morning Show #15

Today was a great call in show. We had a bunch of members from the music producer community come on and drop gems. We had 2 guys come in that are having a lot of success selling beats online. They talked about how they built their youtube channels up and make thousands of dollars per month on Beatstars. They also talked about how they keep their customers coming back by providing additional value and building the relationships with the artists that shop with them.

Shout out to Pale 1080 for dropping great producer advice for selling beats on Youtube. He is a producer from France that is making several thousands of dollars per month. We even had him critique a viewers YouTube channel live on the show and tell him how to make it perform better.

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00:00 Intro
03:35 Episode Overview
04:20 Announcements
06:33 Team Producergrind fixing subscribers beats
09:40 Giveaway announcement
11:10 Mike Boyd from Team GaryVee will be the special guest on EP 16
13:40 Free Team Producergrind Sample Pack
15:12 TB Digital’s one shot kit releasing on 5/22/20
18:18 Q&A with Ricardo and Jesse: Can you lease the same beats to multiple people, when to hire a lawyer or manager, offering mixing and mastering to develop relationships with artists
30:16 Q&A with Alex Cantu: How to balance work ethic and sleep, going all in, switching up vibes to prevent burn out, how to stay motivated
45:40 Q&A with Pale 1080, Yung Atomic Beats and Jay Netic: How to get to 30K subs on youtube, getting placements, youtube strategies, selling beats online vs hustling for placements, facebook promotions
01:17:24 Q&A with Pale and Ali: Being an artist and a producer, how to get your name out there, Vlogging as an artist, thinking outside the box to create content, building a community, creating targeted videos, branding, luck vs work
01:24:58 Q&A with Pale, Rafael and Serbie: Never work for free, building relationships with artists, software used to edit videos, having multiple skill sets, getting return customers to your beat store, people using your videos for their youtube
01:38:10 Episode 16 preview: Mike Boyd from team GaryVee