Mike Boyd Interview | CEO Morning Show #16

Interviewing Mike Boyd who is GaryVee's music plug! He has helped Gary build & maintain relationships with the right artists. He is also the manager of producer Richie Souf

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
03:22 Mike Boyd from Gary Vee’s music strategy team background overview
12:05 Mike joins the show
12:48 How Mike has been navigating around quarantine
14:36 Mike Boyd shares his come up story: Working six jobs in college, reaching out to Gary Vee through his brother, taking a risk to move to New York and barely making rent
19:20 Mike’s recommendation on taking the leap of faith and finding a way to make it by moving to another city
20:02 Mike’s story on sleeping on the floor in Gary’s office to maximize his time
21:21 Mike’s pitch to Gary Vee when he met him
25:30 The strategy behind Gary Vee’s “Hip Hop at Lunch” on building relationships
28:46 Mike’s advice on keeping relationships healthy and strong: Connecting the dots, communicating, showing love, adding value anyway you can
33:12 What does being the annoying guy look like when building relationships, evening wins when networking
36:50 Building with upcoming artists through the struggle
38:31 Playing the long game, events young artists and producers should attend, bringing value to events
44:56 How Mike got into managing Richie Souf the producer
48:08 Mike’s thoughts on when to get a manager and put a team together, how to vet people, types of people you want on your team
52:47 Advice for producers on utilizing Tik-Tok and opportunity for producers to work with Mike and his team
57:28 Content for producers to post on Tik-Tok
59:47 How to approach influencer marketing on social media, paying for promo to build your brand, Dylan’s strategies for Tik-Tok and working with people on the same level as you
01:08:23 Mike’ advice for Twitch
01:10:16 Q&A with Zack: How to contact an artist and build a relationship when you don’t know anyone on their team and they’ve recorded to your beat
01:16:56 Q&A with Billy Racks: For an independent artist what would be the best place to allocate your capital for campaigns
01:24:54 Q&A with Ron: Are emails and sending packs ineffective for music managers and best advice to converting conversations into placements
01:31:56 Mike Boyd: Send beats to his DM on IG
01:36:26 Will from Taylor Gang and future guests announcement