PVLACE Talks Signing To 808 Mafia, Secret Melody FX Chain & More

PVLACE 808 Mafia Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with PVLACE from 808 Mafia out in LA for an exclusive interview during his first time in the United States. In this podcast we talk about his life in Germany, how he linked up with Southside and eventually got signed to 808 Mafia because of his dope melodies. We talked about his EDM influence and how it took him a while to learn how to make bouncy trap drums. We talked about his secret sauce when making his sample sounding melodies and some VST's he recommends for Producers. Lot of gems dropped in this episode watch it!!!

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0:26 Pvlace almost gets robbed in LA!!
1:20 Safety in America Vs. Germany
3:18 Growing Up In Germany
5:00 Starting To Make Beats
6:07 Getting Good At Melodies
7:12 How Did You Build Your Fan Base
8:07 Waiting To Send Beats Out To Artists
9:50 Linking and Signing With 808 Mafia
16:30 Lawyers Reviewing Contracts Before Signing
18:51 How Did Life Change After Signing?
20:45 Keep Everything Simple!
21:45 SECRET SAUCE *but no for real, its a SECRET
24:12 VST Secret Sauce
28:50 America Has The Best Food!!!
30:45 *Viewer Question*
- Do you find it hard to build relationships with artists as a
35:25 What did it feel like getting your first major placement?
36:22 Human Brain is Amazing!!!
41:18 *Viewer Question*
- What skills or plug-ins to your melodies to the next level?
44:48 How Much Time Do You Spend On A Melody?
46:15 What Advice Would You Give European Artists/Producers?
49:28 What Was Toughest Point In Your Career?
53:25 Best Advice Your Dad Every Gave You?
57:14 Music's Influence On Your Decisions


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