Roland Facet Grand Piano

Roland presents its vision of a digital concert grand piano with the world premiere of the GPX-F1 “Facet” concept

For almost 300 years the piano has enriched our lives, playing a central role in music and culture. The piano has played a major part in Roland’s history too, and since releasing the first all-electronic piano in 1973, we’ve strived to create the best digital pianos using our state-of-the-art technology. All the while, we’ve refined the sound and touch to satisfy the stage and practice needs of world-class pianists. But we also focus on making pianos that look as good as they sound, with a keen interest in exploring the limitations of traditional piano design. So in 2015, we challenged designers from all over the world to tear up the rule book and visualize the piano of the future. Through the Roland Digital Piano Design Awards, entrants were asked to design their ultimate “Concert Grand Piano” and Jong Chan Kim’s “Facet Grand Piano” was awarded the Grand Prize. But that was just the beginning of a remarkable story.

Over the next few years, Roland’s piano design team would often discuss what it would take to turn the vision into reality, leading to deep late-night discussions about form, function and the future. And so in 2019, a small team of engineers decided to bring the Facet concept to life, by building a fully working model that people can actually play. The GPX-F1 Facet makes its world premiere at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, U.S, and is inspired by three core themes: Design, Connectivity and Evolution. The innovative styling of the Facet incorporates evocative crystal-like polyhedrons and a unique ‘floating’ look. It’s equipped with our latest piano modeling sound engine, keyboard, and speaker system - all fully optimized for this one-of-a-kind piano. The Facet also allows seamless access to digital content, online communications and new visual expressions displayed via the piano lid. And the Facet will continue to evolve as a platform that showcases Roland’s vision for the piano’s future.

Roland Facet Grand Piano:

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