Maro Music

My name is Marek “Maro Music” Walaszek. I’m a mixing/recording engineer and a music producer with over 15 years of experience. Through this time I have been working with major record labels, Artists and advertising companies from all over the world.

Rather than limit myself to one artistic arena, I collaborate with artists from a diversity of genres including Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, EDM, Jazz, Rock and ethnic music. My love for Music gives me the power to work with passion an enthusiasm on every project I’m involved in, whether it’s opera, avant-garde or independent underground project.

My mixing skills have been used not only for LP’s but also for live performances, film soundtracks, film sound design, commercials, and web sites. I collaborate with companies, Artists and record labels from Angola to Sweden and from the Middle East to Jamaica, thanks to my online mixing platform – pro-mixes.com.
I offer a very simple and effective way of cooperation. I mix and master your songs, commercials and other post production requiring projects – using the top equipment I have in my studio and all of my knowledge. You can also read more in the SERVICES area. As I have mentioned earlier, I also produce music, do sound-designing and remixes. If you would like to find out more about my work please feel free to visit my production site – Maro-Music.com

I gave lectures about mixing or Universities, private schools and AES all over Europe. I was twice a Judge on AES student recording competition. If you are interested in my involvement in education please click Here.

I come from a family of unusually eclectic musicians. My father was a DJ, my uncle jazz group member (Chopin Novi Singers, all you Hip Hop heads should know what’s up!), and my cousin sings opera in major theaters all over the world. I have earned a university degree in sound engineering, became a certified Apple trainer for Logic Pro software, and I’m researching my Master’s thesis on acoustics. I also own a high end recording studio that has top of the line equipment.
My development team is also constructing my own highly specialized Equalizers made for mixing and mastering purposes called Bettermaker.