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Classic Compressors - INTRO - Ken Lewis www.AudioSchoolOnline.com

Introduction video for the full tutorial on Classic Compressors from Ken Lewis and Audio School Online.
Full Tutorial Here... https://audioschoolonline.com/product/?lesson=388
Ken demonstrates the tone, color, sound, strengths and weaknesses of 11 different classic compressors and 5 different vintage compression styles.
Compression Styles covered: Optical, FET, Vari Mu, VCA, and Bridged Diode
Compressors / Limiters covered: LA2A, LA3A, Tube Tech CL1B, Fairchild 660, Pye Compressor, Neve 33609, API 2500, DBX 160, 1176, Manley Vari-Mu, SSL E Channel.

Ken Lewis