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Zaytoven Talks Producing Trap Holizay, Signing a Deal, Superfly, Beast Mode 2 + More

Zaytoven interview at the producergrind office. The goat stopped by for an exclusive podcast/talk with us about his new album "Trap Holizay", Superfly, Signing to major label Capitol Records, Beast Mode 2 with Future, Birds of a Feather 2 & more.

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1:10 Trap Hoilzay new release
1:40 Signing a publishing deal with Capitol
2:08 Doing the album on his terms
2:42 His entire career has been breaking new artists
3:00 The majors didn't understand his music for a long time


The Making of Future "Mo Reala" With Zaytoven

Behind the beat of Zaytoven & Future - Mo Reala from the Trap Holizay album. Zaytoven breaks down how he produced the Mo Reala Instrumental in MPC.

Future - Mo Reala
Future - Mo Realer



Producer Business Advice: 2x Grammy Winner STREETRUNNER

we got up with 2x grammy winning producer and asked him to give us his best music producer business advice. He talked a lot about how to sell beats to major artists and how to get placements in the music industry. We talked about entrepreneurship in the game today and what streetrunner would do if he was a young producer with no placements right now. STREETRUNNER has worked with rappers like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Eminem, The Game, Fabolous, Fat Joe & so many more. Be sure to check out the catalog from this legend. Producergrind music producer tips.


VIP Studio Session 2 Ft. Zaytoven & More (Documentary)

Zaytoven Making a beat Live and dropping game
DJ Plugg studio session/cook up
Black Metaphor studio session
Producer collabs
beat critiques
Live Q&A with Zaytoven.
Documentary of Producergrind VIP Studio Session 2 in Atlanta on 9/23/17

50 up and coming producers from all over the USA gathered at loudhouse studios for a one of a kind studio experience. Educational day party for producers/artists. Zaytoven producer camp 2.0

Executive Producer: CEO Dylan
Co-Producer: JB
Director: Cookitupkayo


Black Metaphor

Cassius Jay Tells Producers DON'T Move to Atlanta or LA

Cassius Jay interview clip talks about building connections before you up and move to a big entertainment city like Atlanta & Los Angeles.
Listen to Full Conversation Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuYLp...
Listen to the entire podcast where he talks about how to make money as a producer, music marketing producer tips. Advice on investing in yourself the right way.
Listen to our other podcasts for tips on how to promote your music on soundcloud and create a production career in the music industry

Cassius Jay

Cassius Jay, Finding Next Big Artists, Industry Relationships, | Producer Lifestyle Podcast Ep 11

In this episode we sit down with young legend Cassius Jay and talk about his come up, how meeting Zaytoven changed his career. Linking up with Peewee Longway, Young Thug & other rappers. How to build industry relationships. how to sell beats in the streets and Working in Atlanta vs Los Angeles music scene. Finding the next big artists early & much more. Check out this cassius jay interview podcast for real music business sauce for producers.

Cassius Jay

Black Metaphor Making a Beat on Ableton Push 2

One of the best producers at ableton sampling. Black Metaphor makes a sampled beat with trap drums on Ableton push 2. Then he cooks up a new york type beat with a chord progression from his partner. This video shows the quick and easy workflow of Ableton push. Having 64 pads makes it easier for black to chop & sample.

Quick ableton push 2 tutorial. check out our other videos.

Black Metaphor

Cheeze Beatz, Working With Migos & Selling Beats Vs Making Hits | Producer Lifestyle Podcast Ep 10

In this episode we sit down with Cheeze Beatz and talk about his come up, working with migos, young dro, YFN Lucci & more He talks selling beats vs working with an artist and making hit records that make it on the radio. Cheeze talks about how selling beats online never interested him.
(Prod by Cheeze Beatz)

Cheeze Beatz

Red Drum Beatz Makes a Fire Beat on Instagram Live (5-21-17)

Producer RedDrumBeatz making a beat on fl studio on instagram live. may 2017. prod by red drum beats type beat. live cook up.

Red Drum on Da Beat