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Review: DDMF TheStrip channel strip VST

pretty useful for shaping Kicks and Snares
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WATTBA Dune 2 preset bank
out now!!!

thanks to all the guys who participated in the making of this by requesting sounds from they favorite producers or songs!

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DJ Ave McRee

J-rum - CME X Key 37 Unbox & Review (Midi Controller)

Unboxing and review video on the CME X Key 37 Midi Keyboard.

Overall this is a solid midi keyboard, sorta heavy for the size, which is actually good IMO. Great build quality and slim profile really helps clear up some desk room. 10 outta 10!


J-rum - The Oracle Pack Vol. 1 Review (

This is new review on the The Oracle Pack Vol. 1 brought to you by


The Top five BEST Drumkits of 2014 for Music Production DAW's etc.

Published on Jun 6, 2014

*the top 5 best drumkits for music production*

5. Lenny Dee Drum Shots

4. Villem & Mcleod Drum & Bass

3. Sean Divine 336 Kit v2

2. Celldweller Sonix Vol.1

1. Drumkit Supply: The Extermination

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DJ Ave McRee

J-rum - Nexus 2 XP - "Dubstep-Electro Vol. 2" Review [HD]

Published on Apr 3, 2013
So...I have been waiting for Refx to drop the Dubstep-Electro Vol. 2 XP for a while now, Im pretty sure your in the same boat as me. If your searching for grungy basses, stereo shaking wubs & leads to create almost instant inspiration...then make sure to check out this expansion. Im back with another expansion review, This is the DEV2 XP is for
Nexus 2, and its is top notch! If your looking for more tutorials, and found this one useful please head over to the subscribe tab & and subscribe to my channel. Thumbs up and comments would be great also!


J-rum - Waves Manny Marroquin (Distortion & Delay) Review

Published on Apr 2, 2013
Hey everyone this is overview/review on 2 of the 6 plugins in the Waves Manny Marroquin Bundle. I also show how to use automation clips with plugins inside FL Studio. In this review were checking out the Distortion and Delay. Hope you guys enjoy this, make sure to thumbs.

Overall I would give this bundle a solid 8 outta 10!!

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J-rum - Nexus 2 XP "Hollywood" Review/Demo

Hey guys, im trying to get a new series going on expansion reviews and other software plugins etc... I do need help with getting audio coming from inside my cpu and not through my webcam, any ideas or tips would help. Ive tried everything and i cant seem to get the audio to work how i want it to. P.S. my editing sucks and I will working on my making it more professional. Thanks so much!

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