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Decap - Studying Spirituality & Meditation, Building Multiple Income Streams & Drums That Knock

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Decap cut his teeth in the rap game joining a 9-person rap group, he was the only producer and had a make the beats for all their tracks. That was in junior high, by the time he got to his school he had built some buzz for himself and started selling beats. He eventually left to make it in New York but ended up hitting a wall and getting into debt, he decided to study spirituality and meditation instead. That cleared his mind and helped him become conscious of what he really wanted and he entered the music industry a changed man.

He quit chasing major placements and began to diversify his efforts and knowledge launching things like his production masterclasses and infamous drum kit, “Drums That Knock”. He also share how he has dealt with depression, books that changed his life and even how Redman randomly walked into his apartment to use the bathroom.

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