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DECAP Talks Making Drums That Knock, Not Relying on Getting Placements to Get Rich + More

Interview with Decap, the producer that created the famous Drums that knock drum kit. Decap pulled up on us at the studio while he was in Atlanta to drop gems on the Producergrind community. We talked a lot more about sound design than usual including the current trend where producers are recording sounds from real life with a field recorder and turning them into free trap drum kits.

We also got Decap to tell his journey from when he first started making beats to figuring out how to get sync placements (his first real income from music) and later to getting placements as a producer with DaBaby, Joyner Lucas & more.

Now a days Decap spends his time as a successful music producer helping the community with his FL Studio & Ableton Live tutorial videos as well as his Splice drum kit series "Drums That Knock." He has created a 6 figure yearly income by building his personal brand as a music producer NOT by chasing placements or trying to get signed.

1:10 Intro

3:46 Why Making Beats in Ableton Live over FL Studio??

9:33 New DAW, New Techniques, New Vibe

14:41 Uploading Beats on Spotify (Another )
- Playlist Sauce (S/O @ceodylan)
- #6 on Billboard

20:10 Sauce on Releasing Music
- Super Valuable For Producers
- Power to say "NO"

26:41 Training Your Mind and Emotions
- Journey to Entrepreneurship
- Being Broke But Focused

40:32 Plant Seeds for Success
- Practical Advice
- Developing Vision

45:13 Books Will Change Your Life

48:44 How To Get Sync Placements

51:51 JB and Decap Talk About Missed Placement Opportunities

55:57 Perfect Blueprint For Producers

1:00:51 Stay Curious My Friends

1:06:35 Perfect Networking Advice For Producers
- Not As Scary As You Think

1:11:40 How To Make Beats From Random Sounds
- Best Field Recorder Mics
- Naming Drum Kits

1:17: 24 Loud Leveling and Mixing Sauce
- Limiter and Soft Clipper Advice
- Gain Staging Techniques

1:23:00 Go To Plug-Ins
- Trash 2 iZotope for 808's $29
- Audiosuite Plug-Ins

1:26:52 Random Questions!! (Carrington Takes a L )

Decap Music New EP *All Beats: https://soundcloud.com/decapmusic/set...

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