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DJ Pain 1 Talks Getting Your First Placement, Producer Mistakes, Selling Beats Online + More

DJ Pain 1 interview on the Producergrind Podcast.
DJ Pain 1 stopped by the Producergrind office to give us the story on his come up. He talked about making the mistake of thinking his life was going to change after getting his first placement with Jeezy. He gave some advice on what producer's should do as soon as they get their first placement as far as branding and maximizing the value you get from that placement. DJ Pain 1 cleared up a lot of mistakes or common misunderstandings that producer's have including the difference between an exclusive and non-exclusive license. He also talked about how many producer's confuse an exclusive license with a work-for-hire agreement which puts the producer in a paranoid state of mind thinking their work will be stolen or not compensated for properly. We talk about the importance of having an entertainment lawyer and networking with lawyers before you actually need one. DJ Pain 1 dropped some knowledge on selling beats online and utilizing social media ads that he has learned from top selling Beatstars producers like Cashmoney AP, DreamLifeBeats & more. The conversation turned towards management and Pain 1 gave his thoughts on when producer's need a manager and what a good/bad manager looks like. We also talked about how sampling has changed in Hip-Hop and the new school sample creators getting placements through making sample packs like CuBeatz & G Koop.

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0:48 Going from working 3 jobs to doing music full-time
4:48 Competitive Spirit in Hip-Hop Culture
6:28 That moment when you think your life is going to change
7:20 Early stages of the online music scene
9:20 Keys for being successful creating content online
12:41 Build your brands no matter where you are
16:42 Debunking sampling myths and walking through sample clearance process
19:50 Drake wasn't on Carter V because of sample clearance issues
22:09 Session players role in production and as writers
23:51 Thoughts on Sonny Digital's producer's union idea
24:20 Leasing vs. Exclusives, Copyright Law, Work for Hire with Major Labels
29:10 Having beats stolen and how to protect/handle those situations
33:05 What to do as soon as you get a placement
38:20 Benefits of having an entertainment lawyer
40:05 When did DJ Pain 1 feel he needed a producer manager
42:50 What are manager's supposed to do for producers?
45:00 What is a bad manager?
46:25 Overrated/Underrated
- Starting a beat store in 2018 (46:44)
- Recording Schools (51:26)
- Signing to a Major Label (53:28)
- Netflix (55:30)
58:37 Discussion on Music conferences & Makin It Magazine calling out A3C conference
1:02:21 How to use social media ads and Instagram sponsored posts
1:07:00 Budgets for social media ads
1:12:00 Working with artists
1:15:00 Wendy's Placement
1:16:00 Placements from melody loops

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DJ Pain 1