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DJ Quik Snubs "The Life of Pablo", Calls Kanye West "a Kardashian"

Hip Hop legend DJ Quik is making waves following an interview in which he denounced Kanye West's The Life of Pablo, and issued what he called a "challenge" to Yeezy. The West Coast producer was joined by fellow Compton rapper Problem to promote their Rosecrans EP on NoahTV, when he veered off on a tangent that introduced TLOP into the conversation.

“It’s just an EP,” he said of the new project. “Who does an EP anymore? Who puts out records anymore? Kanye so scared he don’t know what to do with The Life of Pablo.”

TLOP has been the barer of both good and bad news as of recent, and it has all to do with the internet exclusive nature of the music. It's 94,000 equivalent album units sold on the week ending April 7th made it the first album to ever top Billboard charts through streams. Within days of the accomplishment, the album was revealed to be the subject of a class-action lawsuit that accuses West used it to con consumers into signing up for Tidal. The hard-copy vs streaming album comparison brought about by Quick was short lived though, as he went on to prod the show's host to remark on whether he felt Kanye's seventh title lives up to it's hype.

“So his celebrity supersedes his talent right now? Yes,” DJ Quik at one point countered. “C’mon, he’s a Kardashian now, what the f***? What he gonna do to me? Beat me up? It’s Kanye. This is a challenge, this ain’t a diss, it’s just a challenge. Make your best music. Because fans aren’t stupid.”

Credit to #NoahTV for the video.

DJ Quik