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Dun Deal Talks New Quavo Album, Trying DMT, Going Vegan, False Arrest + More

Dun Deal interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Dun Deal stopped by the office to talk about making beats for Quavo's new solo project, getting noticed & building relationships with artists, trying DMT and what he learned from his DMT experience, being falsely arrested for 12 days on charges of robbing a costco for $80,000, going vegan for 2 years & a lot more. Dun Deal dropped some gems in this producer interview on the best and worst investments for producers & talked about why producers go broke spending money on women and material things that don't progress their career. We also talked about Dun Deal's come up & moving from LA to ATL.

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0:50 On working with artist Kris Wu in China who already has a feature with Quavo and movie soundtracks in China
2:15 How to build relationships with artists if you're completely unknown - Dun knows a guy on tour with Migos who got their attention by following them on tour using his own money
3:43 Always bought new equipment and invested in himself
4:29 If his computer crashed right now he'd be ok because he always backs up but learned the hard way from losing a Drake placement
5:40 Sent a beat to DJ Khaled to give to Drake and Khaled put it out without telling Dun Deal
7:10 Top streams of income include investing in weed & studio spaces
7:31 Runs a non-profit organization
7:40 Early on in his career he didn't spend his money wisely
8:06 How important is jewelry?
8:35 Don't spend it if you can't make it back
9:15 Gold can always go back to cash but diamonds are worthless
9:50 Diamond industry propaganda
11:26 Things he keeps his brand away from, specifically TV events - He's turned down VH1 Love & Hip Hop
12:03 Using music as a stepping stone to get to the next level
13:14 Scared money don't make money, take risks
15:02 Remy Martin Producer Series as a way to maintain relationships
15:56 Keeping business relationships is a full time job
16:09 Dun Deal on the Trak at the Producergrind VIP Beat Showcase 3 at ABS Studios in Atlanta, GA
17:01 Finding creativity within the pocket
17:29 Started making beats in 2004
18:04 Using certain noises & effects in the transitions and "always making the beat go up" - influenced by EDM
19:58 Talks about Astroworld's Carousel & Sicko Mode by Travis Scott as a great example of making the beat do a lot without doing to much
21:08 The evolution of his sound, working with Rich Kidz, Young Thug & Cash Out - Understanding when the sound is changing
22:40 He takes time off and seeks out newer younger producers to help evolve his sound
23:34 Learning how to play piano and mix
25:16 Composing vs replaying someone else's music - Learning how to play piano
27:11 Spending money on women
30:13 Migos - Hannah Montana was performed on MTV with a live symphony
31:52 On using an MPC 2000 and a Motif starting out
32:29 Overrated/Underrated
-The Olympics
-Award shows
-Chicken & Waffles
-Producers rapping
39:42 Making queso with government cheese
40:36 Being a vegan vs being a vegetarian - pros & cons
41:56 On killing the animals that you eat
45:24 Meal preps on Sundays
45:38 Smoking weed & eating bacon all day
48:58 Doing DMT and ayahuasca
49:59 Tapping into the best part of your producer skills
52:30 Understanding oneself or not
56:28 Dun says the drawing of L has a nose that looks like ti*****
57:18 Loving Omnisphere
59:55 Producers who rap
1:01:54 Artists take up all the air in the room
1:02:04 Who would be the loudest person in the room with Michael Jackson
1:02:29 Dun Deal’s Dad met Michael Jackson
1:03:31 Dylan can’t think of a quiet humble rapper
1:05:48 Dun Deal getting a song on last year’s NBA 2k and Producers being in the game
1:08:25 Going on tour with Migos
1:10:35 Instead of calling certain music wack, measure it by the standards of its genre
1:13:35 Where can we find Dun Deal on social media @dundealonthetrak
1:14:00 Quavo’s album coming out in 2018 which he did a lot of work on
1:14:35 On getting arrested for a robbery he did NOT commit and getting paid $300,000 for having to spend 10 days in prison

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