Episode 78 - Interview with Lamont Gravez (Music Publishing Consultant) | Illmind BLAPCHAT | Beat Making Videos
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Episode 78 - Interview with Lamont Gravez (Music Publishing Consultant) | Illmind BLAPCHAT

This might be one of our most informative episodes to date. We talked about various ways to generate income when FIRST STARTING to make beats and become a music producer. How much $ should you charge for your beats? Should you work for free? Should you do both? When is a good time to start increasing your prices? Our special guest for this episode was Lamont Graves who specializes in consulting music producers on what MUSIC PUBLISHING is, some best practices and how music producers can properly get PAID for their work. He's consulted platinum and gold producers like Jahlil Beats, The Beat Bully and so many more. You're nuts if you don't listen to this episode!

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