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Free Download Friday! F* Reddit Drum kits[Trap & Hiphop]

A free download Friday about my F*** Reddit Drumkit. I made all my sounds from scratch during 2 live streams a week ago. I preview how it sounds in both FL Studio and on the MPC LIVE II!! There a bonus cook up session for you to enjoy as well. I have plans on creating more free stuff as long if it doesn't get put on Reddit! If it does get put on Reddit, please GIVE ME CREDIT. A simple repost of this video would be nice. This isn't a click funnel or an opt-in reward. I wanted to thank everyone for rocking with me so long. Thanks and enjoy!

get it here

0:00 intro
1:26 hiphop demo track
2:14 trap demo track
3:18 sound preview
4:15 MPC sound preview
4:44 MPC beat making

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DJ Ave McRee