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Hip Hop Producer Danja - Pensado's Place #111

Published on Apr 18, 2013
Musician and Hip Hop Producer Danja joins Dave and Herb via Skype in the 110th episode of Pensado's Place!

Stump The VK Guy Question:

"In your opinion, are Solid State Drives worth the money. How reliable are they?"

Jason Cropper's Answer:

"If (T=M) then (FDAWSSP) x (MPC) = (MGPFVKA)
I like solid state drives for accelerating DAW and virtual instrument performance, in cases where the particular program responds to and SSD upgrade.
If time = money, (T = M) - then faster digital audio workstation soft synth performance (FDAWSSP) multiplied by more projects completed (MPC) = more gear purchased from Vintage King Audio (MGPFVKA). If (T=M) then (FDAWSSP) x (MPC) = (MGPFVKA)
Nice side effect of this solution is the Vintage King Exclusive win/win phenomenon for audio engineers! I recommend this product, which is available with 256GB, 512GB SSD's. http://www.studionetworksolutions.com... starts at $6999."

Contact Jason here: http://vintageking.com/Jason-Cropper

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