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HOW TO MASTER A SONG in FL Studio 10 (Prod. TAGG)

Published on Jan 4, 2013

Fl Studio 10 Mastering Tutorial How to Master a Song/Beat 2013
*Master insert setup *Final Eq *Preparing your mix *Proper Rendering *Normalizing and Amplifying *Saving wav/mp3 ⇓More⇓
*Testing your db/hz levels *Short Tutorial on Adding Vocals

0:26 Step 1) Master insert setup
2:20 Step 2) Final Eq
4:50 Step 3)Preparing your mix
5:18 Step 4)Proper Rendering
7:50 Step 5)Normalizing and Amplifying
9:20 Step 6)Saving and Testing your db and hz levels

11:00 Short Tutorial on Adding Vocals

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