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I Quit Selling Beats: Simon Servida Speaks on Making a Living as a Producer

How do you make money as a producer? We can't all be selling beats online. Simon Servida explains why he quit selling beats online, what he's doing for a living now, his plan for getting placements and tips for growing a YouTube channel.

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00:00 Intro
01:48 Get a real job
03:31 Quitting job to make music
06:00 Being your own boss/mental health
07:25 I quit selling beats
10:35 Music therapy
13:24 Social media trolls
15:51 Spotify marketing
18:00 Plans change
18:53 Nobody bought my beats, but they bought kits
20:29 YouTube marketing strategy
23:27 Advice for starting a YouTube channel
27:33 Beat placements
31:44 Kanye West exposing contracts
36:00 Making drum kits
41:58 Getting paid as an influencer
45:54 It's selfish to ask people to listen to your music
47:12 Simon and the sex work industry
49:35 Accidentally getting a placement
52:02 Best equipment for YouTube videos

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