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Internet v. Industry (Shamu Says)

My interpretation on the Internet (Type Beat) producer Vs. Industry Producers.
This debate began with what seemed to be a mild disagreement between Industry producer 9th Wonder & Major Internet Producer Taz Taylor. This was seemingly escalated to a heated argument once Statik Selektah tweeted his thoughts (Siding with 9th), and Internet producer BusyWorksBeats made a video stating his opinion on the situation (Also surprisingly siding with 9th) going as far as to suggest Taz & "Type Beat" producers were cancer. After this, Taz Taylor took to periscope to air-out the issues between 9th, Statik, & himself, while dropping industry secrets and other useful information in the process. The periscope rants were uploaded to Youtube as "Fuck BusyWorksBeats". After viewing said video, glancing at 9th's tweets, and attempting to finish BusyWork's opinion, these were my thoughts.

Tyler James

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