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[Interview]: Music Industry - What Is One Thing That You Have To Get Over In Your Career? @Draydel

When making music, it's your baby, you put the efforts and the love and the passion into THAT. And when THAT, doesn't do anything, it just sits there, it kind of - it aggravates you.
There's a sort of frustration that comes along in the business, that does happen. 'It's the world's longest labor.' Yeah, and then YOU NEVER HAVE THE KID! The kid never comes out. Like the kid DIES or something. You know how heart wrenching that is?
Peoples whole lives change because that happens. You go throughout all the processes of making the baby, and then right when the baby is supposed to be born, it passes. Man, like you're never going to get to enjoy that. So it's a little bit of frustration.
But, you gotta keep moving, you can't look at the negatives in it, You just gotta keep making good music.
Because that's not the only good music that you have, you have tons of good music and WILL make tons more good music.
But you gotta keep it moving.

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