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Jim Jonsin in BMI's Behind the Song

From BMI's Behind the Song This series offers advice, insight and knowledge of challenges and successes from top songwriters and producers. These creators discuss how they see themselves as a songwriter and/or producer; their distinct approaches to songwriting and producing; and advice on getting into the music industry.

In the episode: Jim Jonsin. A Grammy-winning producer and owner of Rebel Rock Productions, Rebel Rock Entertainment and Rebel Made Publishing, Jim Jonsin has had #1 singles with Lil Wayne ("Lollipop"), T.I. ("Whatever You Like") and Usher ("There Goes My Baby"), and Top 10 singles with Jamie Foxx ("Unpredictable"), Nelly ("Just a Dream") and Beyoncé ("Sweet Dreams"). B.o.B., the flagship artist of his Rebel Rock Entertainment, had three platinum-plus singles in 2010 ("Nothin' On You," "Airplanes" and "Magic"). Jonsin is also working with pop acts as part of his production residency with American Idol this season.

Jim Jonsin