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KinoBeats Talks Getting Placements Overseas, Touring The World As a DJ, Virginia Producers + More

KinoBeats interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We got up with KinoBeats, Norfolk Virginia producer known for his work with Lex Luger, A$AP Rocky, Jeezy, etc. He has also recently become known for touring the world as an international DJ for OG Maco, Lex Luger, and himself. Bro dropped a lot of knowledge about how he carved his own lane as a successful music producer coming from a small city with no major music scene. He shed some insight on overseas music markets and why American music & pop culture is consumed worldwide.

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0:18 Talks being from being from Virginia, working with Lex Luger, and beginning DJ'ing
2:40 The world loves American music
7:57 Building relationships to help build a world tour
11:44 Transitioning from bedroom producer to being in the limelight
14:09 Kino gets frustrated with the American music scene
22:20 Working with artists that speak another language
27:32 Why is it time to be in Atlanta Now?
31:55 How the music industry really works
34:12 You not a real producer for using Fruity Loops??
36:37 Make somebody else some money first!!!!!
40:21 This is what's wrong with Virginia's music scene?
46:02 You can't make it without sacrificing
50:08 Don't sleep on LinkedIn
52:58 Reworking beats is the secret sauce

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