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Lex Luger Says There's No Beef with Azealia Banks Over $40 Session Dispute

Earlier this month Atlanta producer Lex Luger got into a spat with Azealia Banks regarding a beat he gave her to record over. Once she sent back the hook for the track, however, Lex had second thoughts. "I loved the beat, I just didn't like how she did the record," he admitted to DJ Vlad. "I didn't want my name on it, honestly."

The situation took another left after Azealia "kept asking for the session without any payment." In the texts revealed during their back and forth, her response to him asking for a deposit was "40$ and a bag of cheese doodles." Understandably, Lex Luger was angered by her lack of respect. "I'm treating this s**t like a business," he explained. "I have two little girls to feed, know what I mean? This is not Waka. This is not [OJ Da] Juice[man]. I'm just not gonna throw out a record and then you tour off the song and I don't profit from it."

Hear more from Lex Luger above.

Lex Luger