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London on da Track: Young Thug Finished 10 Songs in 1 Day

Producer London on the Track talks about how he went from playing the piano at weddings to charting on Billboard with his song "Hookah" with Tyga. Initially, London tells DJ Vlad that he did the song with Young Thug and only wanted a verse from Tyga, but eventually, Tyga took the song and released it on his own. Though he says they were mad about the move, they still have a good relationship with Tyga.

Further along in the interview, London talked about his working relationship with Thung and admitted that he was the easiest person to work with since he can complete a project faster than most artists. "He'll do a song in 10-minutes [and] when I work with other artists it makes me feel like I don't even want to be there because they take hours to do a song." He explained, "We be doing ten songs in one day. We'll have a whole mixtape in one day.

Watch the full interview above.

London on da track