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Making A Beat With Kbeazy | Trophies Sample Pack | Ableton Live

Making a beat with Kbeazy's "Trophies" sample pack. For the people still sleeping under a rock. Kbeazy is a hip-hop producer that blew up from his XO Tour Llif3 remake and his dope tutorial. He's beats caught the attention of Cardo Got Wings, TM88, and Tarentino of 808 Mafia to name a few. He has one of the fastest growing music production channels on YouTube! I'm cooking up a wavy trap beat in Ableton Live using the Push 2.

get the pack here

**plugin used to find the sample key**
Hornet Song Key

***other stuff I used in this video***
Tarentino Arp Madness XP (inspired by Tarentino's production)
Oooh I'm Drippin Vol.3 drum kit
Enigmatik XP
Halcyon Percs and Sfx
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