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Making Trap Beats - INTRO - Layering Drums - Ken Lewis - Audio School Online

Tutorial is available at www.AudioSchoolOnline.com at this link... https://audioschoolonline.com/product/layering-drums-making-trap-beats/

I have produced for Trap legends like Future and Kanye West, created music for 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Drake and countless others, using many of the skills and techniques i show you in this tutorial.

I start with a simple 808, kick, snare, hi hat beat and show you how to morph it into a complex track with melodic 808 baselines, trap hat rolls, snare fills, chops, bends, syncopations, transposition, effects and more, showing you step by step how and why i make every decision and choice.

You can now stream or download the video to your phone, tablet or computer, also download Audio Stems for any DAW, all of my One Shot Drums, and a full Pro Tools session. Watch, pause, try, rewind, and learn as you go using the exact sounds I'm using. Thanks for checking it out! a full list of what i cover is below.

- 3 808 melodic basslines
- 4 kick / stomp layers
- 6 hi hat layers
- 5 snare / clap layers
- creating trap hat rolls
- adding reverb
- transposing 808s
- bending, chopping, and stretching 808s
- Trap tempos
- buzzing 808's to cut thru in small speakers
- fixing bad edits, pops, and clicks
- distorting kick drums
- stereo-izing hi hats
- subtractive beatmaking (Taking away to create space)

Thanks for supporting my school as i continue to strive to create great content that will help you seriously up your studio skills. If what i do connects with you, please tell a friend, post something up on social media linking my site, or just keep checking out the new tutorials. You can't imagine how helpful that is for a small site like mine, and I truly appreciate it!

Ken Lewis