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Mentor Monday Podcast (Ep. 1) : Selling Beats Online, Music Industry & More

Mentor Program: http://bit.ly/2doTcaH

Welcome to the Mentor Monday Podcast Episode 1. There’s a lot that I’ve wanted to do when it comes to online. I feel like this world of Selling Beats Online is just now getting to a place in business where there is a real value in sharing the information on how to thrive in it. I wanted to make this podcast for all the producers that can’t quite afford the Producer Mentor Program. I believe everyone deserves to get some information on how to properly approach this business.

In this Episode we have 2 young producers CMH Beats & Wild Lyfe Beats who are in the Producer Mentor Program. We talk about Soundclick, The difference between an Beat Maker & Producer, Building a beat business as a Female Producer, The music industry & Putting the money over the art. Even though this may be the first episode we go DEEP into all these topics. Sit back….. Relax… & Enjoy the show!

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