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Mixing And Mastering Instrumentals

Are you an upcoming producer who needs a go to engineer to mix your beats to industry quality? Look no further. In this video I will explain to you who I am and what I can offer to help you reach your highest potential!

Hey guys! My name is Draydel and I am a mix engineer, sound designer and a producer/DJ. I've been in the game for about 15 years, and several of which, I engineered for the legendary Scott Storch. I have records with Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Mario, Rico Love, The NFL, WWE, The Discovery Channel and a whole bunch more. The reason why GotInstrumentals and I have teamed up is to give back to the producer community. I've devoted my entire life to this field and I have learned to so much over time working with such legendary people, that I wish I knew from the start. At one point, I didn't even understand the extreme importance of mixing. Like how you can have the craziest melodies and craziest chord progressions, but if they were mixed correctly, then the listener wouldn't feel it like they should. I never had an outlet to get my beats hitting right for artists and professionals were charging thousands a track to mix. But by working with many of the greats over time, I was able to use that knowledge gained to reach the quality that I was looking for. And now that I have this knowledge, I want to give back to the producer community I grew up with. That why I've teamed up with everyone over at GotInstrumentals, to provide rising producers with an affordable quality service that will help you get to the level that you want to be on. There are three different types of packages to choose from. Read closely to each one and choose the one that is right for you. If you have any questions, you can email us at the email below. And thank you for checking out GotInstrumentals.