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My secret to becoming a successful MUSIC CREATOR | Illmind RANT

I decided to rant for an hour (no edits) about what I did to become successful as a music producer starting with literally NOTHING. How I managed to build a buzz and start to create a name for myself and create demand for my music. It’s deep. It starts with self awareness and creating opportunities for yourself to maximize exposure. None of it is predictable to a 100% degree. Why I only choose to work with rappers I like, but had to sacrifice working with the ones I didn’t. This message is for music producers, rappers, artists, singers and songwriters who are trying to become successful and who are trying to figure out the keys to success. I also talk about WHY I do certain things, like creating my weekly podcast BlapChat, and how I helped usher in the multi-million dollar/year drum kit business selling drum kits and sample pa is at a time when it was frowned upon and no one was selling drum kits. Here’s the real story of why I’m so passionate about my craft, getting placements, helping people, empowering my peers and making a ton of money along the process, which helps me to continue to expand and try new things in hopes to reach more and more people.