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My Story (from Broke to Multi-Platinum)

If you haven't yet put your name on our early bird list to receive the package you can do so here: https://annodominination.clickfunnels.com/roundup

I just recorded a little update for you about this year’s Black Friday beat package.

Since this is the last package I’ll ever release it feels like something very special. And I thought it would be nice to share the backstory behind our Anno Domini family.

As you surely know every piece of music has its own story...

But the story of Anno Domini Nation is rather unique and twisted.

And I’ve never really shared it publicly.

Since it’s a personal topic, I prefer sharing it with you through video. I was never particularly good at writing anyway, especially expressing personal stuff.

I guess that’s why I became a producer and not a lyricist :)

Anyway, check out my personal story.

Thanks for rocking with our team,

Anno Domini

P.S. I’ve never spent this much time selecting beats for a project.

I’ve literally listened to over one thousand beats in the last two weeks and with your help I’ve put together what I believe will be the best beat package I ever released.

Tens of thousands of artists are eagerly waiting for it.

So make sure you’re on the early bird list since I’ll be sending out the download link to everyone on there on Thursday, 23rd of November at 10 am PST. This way you can get access to the package before everyone else, but you’ll have to download it fast.

If you're not on yet, head over to: https://annodominination.clickfunnels.com/roundup (blue button under the video)

FYI due to the incredible demand I’m going to be limiting the Black Friday beat package downloads to 2,000 total. You don't want to miss out.

Anno Domini Nation