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The Real Truth About The XO Tour Llif3 Beat | JW Lucas is A LIAR | Proof

This video is about the real truth about the "XO Tour Llif3" beat! JW Lucas is lying on TM88 after he gave him credit and publishing. JW is calling himself "making a community" of producers. He's really trying to hustle people out of their royalities and even end peoples careers. He's threaten my life on multiple occasions because I know the whole truth. He steals people music, ideas, etc and takes full credit! The Producer Grind interview is just a taste of his manipulative ways! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

The receipts (the proof)
All the sources used in this video
*The original exposed video and the Genius video*

*the original XO Tour life beat that TM88 did the majority
of the work!*

*the Beat Tape we did where I DID MOST OF THE WORK!*
Tell him him to pull up the zips if he said he did all the beats

JW Lucas talking shit about a 17 old kid Kbeazy and
hating on TM88 because he's a stalker

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