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RedDrumBeatz, Making $50k Selling Beats, Using Ads to Boost Sales | Producer Lifestyle Podcast Ep2:

In this episode we sit down and talk business with RedDrumBeatz an online producer who went from working an ordinary job to getting flown out to Memphis to work with Young Dolph and the Paper Route Empire. We talk about using advertising platforms like YouTube, Facebook & Google to boost online sales. We also talk about how Soundclick is not a dead market, RedDrum managed to pull in a nice check from them in 2016. I also ask RedDrum if he saw a boost in sales after getting placements.
- Producing For Young Dolph, Famous Dex, YG
- Quitting Job on a Leap of Faith
- Using Ads on Youtube & Soundclick to Sell Beats
- Being Ready For a Placement
- Spending Money to Make Money in Music Industry

Red Drum on Da Beat