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Sonny Digital Talks Producer's Union, Bad Contracts, Astroworld + More

Sonny Digital stopped by the office for a Producergrind Podcast interview where we talked about some real exclusive topics. We got to ask him about of the "Producer's Union" which is an idea Sonny has been vocal about on Twitter for a while. Sonny told us about the new Studio he is currently building in Atlanta, his latest placement on Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD album, his new career as a rapper and why he chose to go the artist path. We also got to talk a little about the bad contract he signed with Universal and how he recently won his litigation and was awarded a decent settlement.

We also talked about Sonny Digital's come up, dropping out of high school, producer advice, and how he always knew he would be successful as a music producer. We asked him to spill some real producer advice when we asked him what he would do if he was just starting off as a producer in 2018. In our overrated/underrated segment Sonny expressed his views on using MIDI/WAV loops or trap samples and how certain loop designers have put him in weird situations by sending everyone the same loop packs.

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1:28 Google Sonny Digital if you don’t know how he got to the current success he’s been having the last 6 years
2:28 Communicating his vision to music industry gatekeepers
5:07 Finishing high school early and being able to focus on music
6:39 Not really ever having to work a true 9-5 & working with his mom
9:49 The price went up on record labels that passed the first time
16:05 The day trading of rappers
16:50 Bad contract offers for artists
23:10 The transition from producing to rapping
24:33 The Producer’s Union
28:33 Sonny agreed with Russ’ sentiments about a lot of beats being wack
31:42 Sonny speaking for the culture
34:47 Sonny’s relationship with Splice
41:08 Artists and producers using school to build fans
43:00 On being, or not being signed to Universal Music Group
53:30 Produced the opening track on Travis Scott’s Astroworld
55:40 Overrated/Underrated
-Chasing placements
-Cooking up by yourself
-Midi/Melody loops
-Beat battles
-FL 20
1:09:40 The Umm Factor - The difference between Sonny Digital 2012 vs Sonny Digital 2018
1:11:38 What's next for Sonny Digital in 2018?
1:14:14 Mac Miller's work with Sonny Digital
1:17:46 Can I still buy a beat from Sonny Digital in 2018
1:20:25 Where can we find Sonny Digital on social media
1:22:28 Sonny getting mistaken for Metro Boomin, Wiz Khalifa & PNB Rock
1:23:49 A Sonny Digital live show
1:26:38 Taking a break from smoking

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Sonny Digital