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Splice Is Selling My Kits Without My Consent | Piracy, Theft, Lex Luger, and Lil Mister

Splice is selling my Traptendo88 drum kit without my consent! Lex Luger took sounds from my kit and made his sequel drum kit. I wrote Lex (before he did this) to collaborate but he never answered! Lil Mister is stealing our ElectraX presets, re-naming the presets, and selling it for double the price! I'm tired of working real hard but not getting the credit I deserve! I'm a good person who gives back to the music production community and these guys are taking food out my kids mouth. Splice should know better than to support these guys but they want the clout. I wrote Splice to take the kit down but they refused! That's totally disrespectful and I won't stand for it. I got receipts just in case people want to deny it.

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