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TM88 Would Love These Plugins! | Waves Audio MetaFilter and Renaissance Bass | mixing

A video about Waves Audio plugins that TM88 would love to use. I cover three different types of plugins like Meta Filter (which works like Sugarbytes Effective), Renaissance Bass, and Infected Mushroom Pusher. All these plugins are perfect for trap based production (or any production). Great for controlling dynamics and creativity without being to difficult to use! All these work on Windows and MacOSX (VST, AAU, formats). All samples and drums come from our website.

**Waves Audio plugins used**
Meta Filter
R.Bass/ Renaissance Bass
Infected Mushroom Pusher
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**Sample, ElectraX bank, and Drum kit used**
Spaceship LOFI sample(loop)pack (the piano sample)
Analog XP
Ocean Veau's Oooh I'm Drippin vol.3 drum pack w/Gross Beat presets

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