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Vybe Beatz Talks Changing From Online to Industry Producer, Making $300K a Year Selling Beats & More

Vybe Beatz Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with Vybe in LA for his first ever interview after being in the game for over 10 years! We talked a lot about his early days pioneering the selling beats online market and paving the way for generations of producers to make money online selling beats. Vybe shared some of his career mistakes and and opened up sharing his regrets about getting comfortable making money online and not taking the industry path to fame & recognition like some of the more popular producers these days. We talked about his relationship with Metro Boomin and his affiliation with Boominati as well as his relationship with former Team Hitz members Superstar O & Johnny Juliano. lots of topics as there is 10 years jammed in a 50 minute podcast.

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0:52 Vybe's First Interview Of All-Time!!
2:08 Transitioning From Online to Industry
4:30 Relationship With Metro Boomin and Boominati
7:47 Advice on Work For Hire Vs. Signing
8:40 Vybe's Come Up Story
11:50 Meeting Johnny Juliano
12:45 Making Melodies with Hardware Vs VST's
15:02 Producing in 2019 Online or Industry??
17:22 Daily Lifestyle During Online Days
20:07 *Viewer Questions*
- @ayoblaze_ What happened to Team Hitz?
- @_jr.cervantes If your son wanted to drop out of high school
to make beats, would you let him?
23:00 Conversation On School
24:11 Learning About People In This Industry
(Young Thug- Scoliosis Record Issues)
27:20 Business Behind Using Loops And Collabs
- Contacting For Loop Clearance
- Major Placement %
31:53 Doubts From Producing As A Career
33:13 *Viewer Question*
- @jaibe What business should you have in place before
selling beats to an artist?
- @slicedkiwibeats What's your proudest moment as a
38:10 Vybe Mixing Advice
42:41 *Viewer Question*
- @misticsocold When your career isn't going the way you
want it to, how do you stay motivated?
- @teepeetrap How do you balance family life and producing?
- @harmonic.hits What advice would you give yourself when
you first started producing?

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