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What's better: SoundCloud or YouTube? | #AskAD 3

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QOTD: What's a better marketing platform for musicians: SoundCloud or YouTube?

As a marketing platform, both SoundCloud and YouTube are extremely important and I feel that every musician should be on both. They are probably the 2 single biggest platforms for people to discover new music today, with YouTube in fact being the largest repository of music in the world today, even though it primarily caters to videomakers. So if you're not on YouTube, get a channel right now. And if you're not on SoundCloud, I would highly recommend that you also sign up for an account immediately.

The reason many people ask me which platform is better is because they don't want to post their music on both. They feel that it would be too much work uploading to and managing both a YouTube and SoundCloud channel. One way around that is to use a service like TunesToTube.com which is a scheduling tool where you can plan your releases ahead of time and it will post your music to both YouTube and SoundCloud at the same time. You'll save a ton of time and can establish a regular, consistent release schedule. Once a week, what I do is schedule all my music for the next 7-14 days. Personally I release one beat a day, so by getting all my scheduling done at once I can then kick back and focus on other things while my audience on YouTube and SoundCloud is engaged daily with new content. So you see, there really is no reason not to be on both platforms!

Having said that, some people still prefer to be on one over the other for various reasons. So if you were only going to post your music on one website I would recommend YouTube. The reason being that YouTube gets the most traffic, it is owned by Google so ranking highly in the YouTube search results also places you front and center in the general Google search results and a huge volume of people are browsing through YouTube casually every single day looking to discover new music. It is hands down the number 1 platform to showcase yourself. Also, SoundCloud is a lot more limited in terms of what you can do beyond simply uploading music and adding it to playlists. On YouTube, there are a lot more discovery features, added content (like live videos, fan sponsorship etc.) and you can even get paid for your uploads through ad monetization and ContentID. As well as just uploading music, you can post daily vlogs, music videos and behind the scenes footage that will engage your fans in a way that you just can't on SoundCloud. Another neat feature on YouTube is that you can embed links to your own website or directly to a purchase page within videos which is great for sending highly targeted traffic your way. On SoundCloud you are limited to posting one single 'call to action' buy link under your music upload, or posting links in the extended song descriptions (which not many people ever read).

So if I had to choose just one platform for music and marketing it would be YouTube, but honestly there is no reason not to be on both SoundCloud and YouTube at the same time!

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