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Where the Female Mixers At? Q&A with Marcella Araica (Timbaland, Meek Mill)

Multi-platinum mix engineer Marcella Araica answers questions that you, Waves users, sent her on Facebook. Get her advice for women in the music industry, mixing tips and more. See Marcella’s go-to plugins: https://www.waves.com/marcella-araica-favourite-plugins

Why do you think there are fewer women in studios and audio engineering today? And what can we do to change that? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here are the questions Marcella picked and answered:

0:25 Who are are your top inspirations in the studio?
2:02 Managing the mixer/client relationship - any special advice for women?
5:09 How do you balance your personal life with a career in the studio?
6:39 Who approves the final mix: The mixer, the producer, or the label?
7:44 What are your go-to plugin chains for vocals?
9:00 What are your techniques for mixing vocal stacks?
9:44 Do the lyrics influence the vibe of the mix?
10:57 What separates you from other mix engineers in the industry?

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