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Young Chop: Lil Reese Has More Star Power Than Keef

http://www.vladtv.com - During an exclusive interview with VladTV, Young Chop revealed that Chief Keef's "I Dont Like" and Lil Reese's "Us" were recorded consecutively. He adds that the beat was originally played for Keef, who wasn't feeling it, so Chop turned around and gave it to Reese.

When asked why Reese hasn't put out much music since signing to Def Jam, the famed producer is unsure of the reason, although he believes that the "Traffic" rapper has more star power than Chief Keef or other newcomers he's worked with. Chop adds that Reese is a fast learner, and shares stories of how he's taught the Chicago emcee various aspects of recording, which Chop says Reese learned after only being told once.

Young Chop