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Zaytoven Master Class


Birmingham, AL
Memphis, TN
Little Rock, AK
Jackson, MS

Master Class is a unique summit that will be used as an uncut platform for emerging artists and talent interested in understanding the fundamental principles of the music and film industry.

The summit will provide an engaging experience that is not only educational but one that will instill a lifetime of positive impacts on participating individuals.

Master Class is a movement branching music, visual arts, and public relations all-in-one via some of the most influential industry leaders.

For more than 10 years the Zaytoven brand has been synonymous with ICON due to his prolific and effective team. Many skilled individuals help keep the Zaytoven brand unique yet competitive over the years.

For many years I have had the opportunity to travel across the globe, and do what what GOD gave me talent. As I travel I would always run into young talent that wanted to produce. But yet needed the basic skills and mind set to begin. So what I decided to to do was hold 5 special classes through out the country teaching the Art of Producing. I’m also excited to announce I’m bringing my personal team with me to discuss intricate details even further like, engineering and mixing. Indirect and Direct marketing through,internet, social media, TV, or just pure street marketing. Guaranteed to change your life.