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Zaytoven Talks Producing Trap Holizay, Signing a Deal, Superfly, Beast Mode 2 + More

Zaytoven interview at the producergrind office. The goat stopped by for an exclusive podcast/talk with us about his new album "Trap Holizay", Superfly, Signing to major label Capitol Records, Beast Mode 2 with Future, Birds of a Feather 2 & more.

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1:10 Trap Hoilzay new release
1:40 Signing a publishing deal with Capitol
2:08 Doing the album on his terms
2:42 His entire career has been breaking new artists
3:00 The majors didn't understand his music for a long time
3:21 Had #1 song in the country w/Usher and Zay wasn't getting calls from majors
3:43 Got the Usher opportunity because of how hot his ATL acts were
4:12 Most people won't get a major label call after a couple placements
4:43 Branding himself with hard work
5:02 The logistics of a major label deal - Using your OWN relationships
5:57 Future and Jay Z recorded to the same beat that became Future's Mo Reala
7:18 Up and coming producers should get with an up and coming artist
7:45 Producers today are chasing placements
8:12 Artists have to have a strong work ethic
8:52 Zaytoven's daily routine - Been doing the same thing for 20 years
10:02 How to make 10 beats a day without playing keys
10:33 If he makes 10 beats a day at least 1 is gonna be hot
11:01 Zaytoven has always been worried about falling off - Once saw music as a side hustle
12:10 First Usher check was $101,000 and he still kept cutting hair
13:01 Versace came out and Zay had to quit cutting hair because people were showing up to take pics and drop mixtapes
13:57 Enjoying his family and home is how he enjoys his success
14:50 When he got his big checks he always reinvested in himself and his image
16:36 Your image matters so put that in the budget
17:17 Zay's scene in Superfly as a local artist
17:50 Zaytoven scored the movie in the music
18:10 The logistical process of scoring movies
18:29 He made Birds of a Feather because he thought he was falling off
19:42 Birds of a Feather II COMING SOON
20:55 Overrated/Underrated
-Being able to play keys
-Buying jewelry when you can’t afford real
-Focusing on quantity more than quality
-Beat battles
24:44 Working with Lil Uzi and Lil Pump to impress his son
25:05 His son wants to be in the music industry
25:39 Zaytoven's take on the new class - Lil Baby, Blocboy JB, Key Glock, NBA Youngboy
26:39 Hard to tell which beat is better without words on it
27:19 New Music! Let the Trap Say Amen with Lecrae
28:20 Who is Lecrae? Inspirational music with a message-It's not necessarily gospel
29:44 Being a man of faith and balancing that with the music industry
30:40 How did a church man become the Godfather of the trap?
31:16 Gucci proud to be friends with Zay because he's a good guy
32:01 Knowing that people are watching him and that he can be a good example for other people
32:41 He and Gucci are able to laugh at some of the bad times
33:01 Gucci is influencing new rappers to make good choices
33:55 The Umm Factor - Everything you know on balancing being a husband with being in the music industry
34:59 He and his wife making fun of rappers on the road
35:21 The craziest chains Zay has ever seen
36:15 International DJ Zaytoven - Messed up on first set and nobody knew
38:18 Paris LOVES Zaytoven
39:15 DJing on the road made him really miss his family
39:50 Zay social media habits
41:21 What is Zay listening to?
42:31 Zaytoven says Snapchat is dead
44:10 A Zaytoven cut is $100
44:24 Zaytoven is the 20th guest on the Producergrind Podcast
44:51 Beast Mode II

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