How To Get Your Music Into Video Games

The National Association of Recording Industry Professionals (NARIP) held a professional’s panel in downtown San Francisco last Wednesday where top minds in the video game industry discussed ways that independent musicians could increase their chances of getting their music placed into video games. The worldwide video game industry is poised to exceed $70 billion by 2015, thanks to the combined growth of console, portable, PC, and online video games, according to market researcher DFC Intelligence.

How to make money selling beats.

There are a lot of different ways to turn a beat catalog into income. Yet most producers seem to know little about the business side of beat making beyond putting a PayPal button on a SoundClick page. After spending countless hours honing your craft, learning production techniques, downloading the best VSTs and making awesome beats it can be very frustrating if you’re not racking up the kind of sales you want. So here are my personal Top 10 ways for producers to make money with beats, backed up with some image proof and compiled after almost a decade selling beats professionally!

How To Promote Your Music On Internet Forums

Internet forums are an essential place when working with and advertising with music. They don’t only contain news, tips and a lot of useful information, they are also a really good place to show off your tunes and gather a fan base. But there are also a few rules to follow when advertising on forums.

1. Don’t just register to several forums and as a first message tell people to check you out. That doesn’t work and people will probably just ignore you because they can see you’re only there to advertise. Many people sees it as “spam”.


First of all, you need to know that there are millions of artists willing to buy online instrumentals, so why not make a second income or even fully dedicate yourself to sell your instrumentals?

This is not an easy task but it is possible, and I think you know people who do this but if not I will mention some producers or top online record labels: Johnny Juliano, Anno Domini from (annodominination.com), AllRounda, 5starbeatz.com or Vans from (The Cratez), and the list can go on.

1) Marketing

How To Setup an Email Auto-Responder For Beat Buying Customers

One important tool you should include to your beat selling strategy is email marketing. Email marketing software allows you to keep in touch with customers and potential customers. The customer/visitor will opt-in to your email list when they come to your site/blog giving their email address in exchange for something in return. What you could then do is send them news letters or offers that you have specifically for the customer. The customer then see’s the offer or reads the news letter, finds out about your product, and comes to your blog/site to makes a purchase.



Having the right management team in place to manage your career can be the difference between making a living in the music business and working at the local fast food joint. A well established artist's management team is usually made up of their manager, business manager, attorney, booking agent and tour manager.

Marketing Tips For Musicians : A {Non-Generic} Guide For Promoting Your Music Online.

Music Publishing


Often the process of registering a copyright is what comes to mind when people hear the term copyright. However, songs are automatically copyrighted as soon as they are in tangible form, even recorded at home or simply written down. Copyrighted songs have to be original (not copies of another piece) and significant enough to constitute a work. Copyrighting work (getting it in tangible form) not only protects it from being copied or used by unauthorized parties but also is the first step to publishing material and ultimately being paid for it.

Recording Contract

Recording Contract

Recording contracts are extremely complex and it's almost impossible to explain all possible provisions a contract might contain in simple terms. If an artist finds his or her self presented with a recording contract the absolutely most important thing to do is to find an attorney with experience in the music business (not a cousin's friend who closes real estate contracts for a living) to review the agreement and negotiate on their behalf with the record company's legal department or outside attorney.


Royalties from Sales

Royalties from sales are royalties paid by the record company to the recording artist based on sales from their record. These royalties are typically based on a percentage of sales from the record, 10% for example. The calculations used for determining royalties from sales can be quite complex and are a negotiated as part of the artist's overall recording contract with the record company.

Sample Beat Leasing Contract & Exclusive Rights Contract

Beat Licensing Contracts

I often get asked by other producers to see examples of the contracts I send out to my customers. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a lawyer, typing up an airtight, legally binding document in fancy legal jargon can be a daunting task.

Sample Clearing

If you’re a hip hop artist or producer, odds are, you either have or will be faced with the issue of using a sample in your music. The biggest problem with this is that most people wait until their music project is completed before they start dealing with the legal aspects associated with clearing those samples.

The 6 Rules Of Commercial Music Success

Over the years I have had many conversations with music artists about commercial music, which usually leads to them disclosing their disdain and hatred of it. Some refer to Pop music (Pop, as in what’s popular now) as commercial music.

Others think of anything that is receiving heavy rotation on radio as commercial music. Whatever their definition, one thing is often overlooked: commercial music is the heart of the music industry which pumps the blood that keeps it alive.

The Best Place to Sell Your Beats Online

I hear this topic come up a lot in this niche. Everybody wants’ to know the best place to sell their beats when their just getting started online. This decision will be completely up to you when it comes down to it, but I will do my best to try to steer you in the best direction that I can. I have already wrote about SoundClick.com & MyFlashStore.net in previous articles on this blog, so check them out to when you get a chance.

The Best Websites To Sell Beats Online

Where should I sell my beats?

Finding the best websites to sell beats

When you’re a music producer, picking and choosing which websites to sell your beats on can be tough. There are a vast number of beat selling websites out there and uploading your beats to every single one of them just isn’t viable.