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Fatboi Beats teaser on the Raw Report network!

Making a beat. Fatboi is responsible for producing a lot of hits.

Ervin "EP" Pope Beat Freestyle Making

Dubcnn recently got the chance to speak with a man who normally lets the music do the talking, Ervin "EP" Pope is from Watts, California and is behind a host of familiar hits. We sat down for an exclusive video interview with the rising star to discuss his musical influences, get the low-down on how he entered the game as well as getting a full breakdown on his career thus far via his array of plaques. This is an incredible opportunity to take a look behind the scenes with a producer who has worked with Jay-Z, Brandy, Kanye West, G-Unit, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, RBX and The Game.

Ervin "EP" Pope

BattleCat Making A Beat

Cat working on a track @ Snoop's Crippin Kitchen in Hollywood, CA.


Mysto & Pizzi produce R. Kelly "Get Dirty" ft Chamillionaire

Whats good everyone, we're real excited to present to you the making of R. Kelly's "Get Dirty". This is our first Major placement ;) . The track features Chamillionaire and is on R. Kelly's brand new album "Double Up" which is officially out today. Its been a tough little journey gettin the track on the album but we finally made it. Its crazy how we grew up listening to R. Kelly, were heavely influenced by his many styles, and now finally came to a point in our budding career where we have placed a song on his album.

Mysto & Pizzi

Pharell Making a Beat

Pharell making music


Mannie Fresh Making a beat

Mannie Fresh making a beat on the fantom-x6 and mpc 2000xl

Mannie Fresh

Justice League & Rick Ross 12 Hour Studio Session

Small insight on how Justice League was warking with Rick Ross.

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League


This is a teaser clip for the new web series hosted by Super Producer Zaytoven who will produce a record to be recorded soon thereafter by the slew of talent that he has at his disposal.



Ryan Leslie Producing Cassie's Just One Nite

Had live harpist Brandee Younger come in to play on Cassie's "Just One Nite"...also features me performing my cameo.

Ryan Leslie