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Making a Soulful Hip Hop Beat from Scratch (Making an Old School Hip Hop Beat)

Making a Wu-Tang type beat beat using a soul sample.

Making a Soulful Hip Hop Beat from Scratch (Making an Old School Hip Hop Beat)

DJ Pain 1

Chase N. Cashe x Rascal Making a Beat

Producers Chase N. Cashe from New Orleans and Rascal from Germany connect at Truth Studios to make beats for a full day at the studio. 6 beats (and videos) were made, this is the first of them all.

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Redhooknoodles Making Hard Scary Dark Evil Hip-Hop {Rap} Beat Instrumental 2018

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Woke up and started making a beat, I finished this and pulled out my camera to show the creation! Let me know if you want me to release the full version of this hip-hop instrumental. This beat has a scary type feel to it. More beats coming soon! BTW IM ON SPOTIFY!! TYPE IN REDHOOKNOODLES AND CLICK A PLAYLIST OF MY BEATS AND LISTEN ALL DAY! PEACE!

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Making A Dark Trap Beat With Altered Beast | Sampling The Sega Genesis + Push 2

A making a dark trap beat video using samples from Altered Beast Sega Genesis game. It was the first Sega Genesis game I played. Probably the biggest reasons I love music so much (and I'm a Nintendo fanboy). The Sega Genesis (or called the Mega Drive out the US) used a PCM chip (for small samples) and the YM2612 (a four operator FM synthesis chip like the Yamaha DX7). It had a totally different sound than the SNES (which used the Sony S-SMP sampler chip).

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stuff used in this beat

drum kit

DJ Ave McRee

The Making Of French Montana & Remy Ma's "New Thang" With Harry Fraud | Deconstructed

French Montana earned a Top 40 hit and Grammy nomination alongside Remy Ma in 2016 with “All the Way Up.” In June, the Bronx rappers reunited on “New Thang” from the soundtrack to the sports movie ‘Uncle Drew.’ Produced by French’s frequent collaborator Harry Fraud, the track prominently features a catchy horn loop.

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Read all the lyrics to French Montana & Remy Ma’s “New Thang” on Genius: https://genius.com/French-montana-and...

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Harry Fraud

MAKING A BEAT With BeatBox & Random Noises [Beat Making Video]

Made This For Fun But It Came Out Low Key Slappin Thow. ; )

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Making A Beat With Kbeazy | Trophies Sample Pack | Ableton Live

Making a beat with Kbeazy's "Trophies" sample pack. For the people still sleeping under a rock. Kbeazy is a hip-hop producer that blew up from his XO Tour Llif3 remake and his dope tutorial. He's beats caught the attention of Cardo Got Wings, TM88, and Tarentino of 808 Mafia to name a few. He has one of the fastest growing music production channels on YouTube! I'm cooking up a wavy trap beat in Ableton Live using the Push 2.

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**plugin used to find the sample key**
Hornet Song Key

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